April 17, 2021


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This time Hero Alam sang Chinese songs

Hero Alam has created a lot of discussion by singing. Various people have been seen talking about singer Hero Alam. However, he did not listen to all those words and sang Bengali songs as well as English and Hindi songs. This time, Hero came up in the discussion again by singing in Chinese language.The song was released on Hero Alam’s YouTube channel on Saturday (April 3). The song is basically a rap song. Bengali language has also been used.Hero Alam is hotly discussed through all means. Earlier, he was also a candidate in the national elections.

His wife Razia Begum. The tragic incident took place in Banshi area of ​​the upazi

la. The deceased was identified as Chan Mia, son of Montaz Ali of the area.

According to the confession given by the wife this morning (March 8), th

e police have recovered the half-dead body of the slain husband from the septic tank near the house.

Kalihati police arrested the victim’s wife Razia and her boyfriend Halim for questioning. Later, a murder case was filed in their name and they were arrested.

Relatives of the deceased said Chan Mia had been missing since Saturday morning. He was searched in different places but no trace of him was found. A general diary was kept at Kalihati police station from the family of the deceased. Razia, the victim’s wife, admitted last night that her body had been dumped in a septic tank after killing her husband Chan Mia under pressure from family members. Later this morning, police were notified and recovered his half-dead body from a septic tank.

Kalihati Police Station (OC) investigation Rahedul Islam said Chan Mia’s half-dead body was recovered from a septic tank. Razia Begum, wife of the deceased, and Halim, a foreign lover, have been detained for questioning. The body has been sent to Tangail General Hospital for autopsy.

In Sonargaon, 4/5 people including Enayet Ullah, Faisal and children were injured in the attack of Ansar members of Meghna group. Tensions are running high in the area over the incident. The injured were rescued and treated at Sonargaon Upazila Health Complex.

The incident took place in Jhauchar area of ​​Meghna Group in Pirojpur Union of the upazila on Monday morning. It is learned that a notice was issued to the managing director of Meghna Group on March 22 to vacate the road built on government land.

Sonargaon Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Golam Mustafa Munna said on Monday afternoon that Ansar members of the Meghna group attacked the villagers and injured five people as they continued to repair the road at the initiative of the locals. Tensions are running high in the area over the incident.

The injured have been rescued and taken to various clinics including Sonargaon Upazila Health Complex. One of the children was also injured. On behalf of the locals, Enayet Ullah Mollah said that the Meghna group has been occupying the roads of mosques, madrasas and cemeteries for a long time. After the locals informed the matter to various government departments, the government issued a notice to the Meghna Group on March 22 to vacate the government premises for the movement of the locals.

Locals have been repairing roads in the area for the past one week. Ansar members of the Meghna group suddenly fired blank shots and attacked their Ansar members on Monday. At that time 4/5 people including Enayet Ullah and Faisal were injured. Sonargaon police inspector Khandaker Tabidur Rahman said police had been sent to the spot. Legal action will be taken after investigation.