April 12, 2021


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New instructions issued for performing prayers in the mosque

The government has banned gatherings in all mosques of the country before and after the five daily prayers due to the alarming rise in coronavirus infection. Also some more instructions have been given.Today, Wednesday (April 7), Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Religion. The order was issued in an emergency notification signed by Sakhawat Hossain.It has been requested to ensure three things in the performance of prayers in the mosque. If these rules are not followed, necessary legal action will be taken, the notification said.

Here are the rules to follow:
1. No meetings or gatherings shall be held in mosques or other religious places of worship before and after the Friday and other prayers.

2. Other prayers including Tarabi should be performed in the mosque following the social distance and hygiene rules and other religious places of worship should follow the social distance and hygiene rules.

3. Besides, all the concerned have to abide by all the instructions issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs on 05.04.2021 as per the notification dated 29.03.2021 of the Prime Minister’s Office and the instructions of the Cabinet Division dated 04-04-2021.

Earlier on Monday, the Ministry of Religious Affairs issued some more instructions to prevent corona infection. It said that considering the risk to the lives of the worshipers due to the Corona epidemic, soap and water with hand sanitizer or hand washing system should be kept at the entrance of the mosque and the incoming worshipers must come to the mosque wearing masks.

Everyone should perform ablution from their home, perform sunnat prayers at home and come to the mosque and wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds while performing ablution.

Carpets cannot be laid in the mosque during congregation. The entire mosque should be cleaned with disinfectant before the prayers. The worshipers will each bring Jainamaz on their own responsibility.

Worshipers who come to the congregation must come after the mask. Jain prayers and hats kept in the mosque cannot be used. When standing in a row while performing the prayers, one has to follow the social distance and hygiene rules and one has to stand in a row every now and then.

Children, the elderly, the sick of any kind and persons engaged in the service of the sick shall not participate in the congregation. The guidelines of the health care department, local administration and law enforcement agencies must be followed for public safety.

It is not possible to hug and shake hands at the end of the congregation. Khatibs and Imams are requested to pray to Allah Almighty at the end of the prayers.

The directive also asked the khatib, imam, mosque management committee and local administration to ensure implementation of the issues. Besides, in the case of animal sacrifice, the instructions of the Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Resources have to be followed properly.

The local administration, law enforcement, public representatives, officials and employees of the Islamic Foundation and the management committee of the mosque concerned will implement the guidelines to prevent coronavirus infection.