April 15, 2021


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Authorities plan to further increase the width of the Suez Canal

The Suez Canal Authority said it was planning to increase the width of the canal. The chairman of the authority, Osama Rabbi, said on Tuesday that consideration was being given to increasing the width of the Ever Given ship on the south side.The chairman of the authority said that a new crane is also being arranged, which will be able to operate at a height of 720 feet. There are also plans to bring two to three more tugboats. He said that work is being done in this regard in silence. The ship Ever Given got stuck in a severe storm on March 23. This has resulted in hundreds of shipwrecks causing massive damage to global trade. An investigation is underway into the cause of the shipwreck.

The chairman said that in the meantime, information has been taken from the recorder of the ship and it has been handed over to the investigation committee. He said it would take another two to three days to report. He also said that it will not take more time.

Source: Reuters.

Maulana Mamunul Haque, the central joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam, was detained at a resort in Sonargaon, Narayanganj on Saturday. The video was spread on social media as he was detained along with a woman during the incident. After some time, several thousand Hefazat activists attacked the resort called ‘Royal’ and freed Maulana Mamunul.

Though he was released, Mamunul Haque has been the focus of discussion on social media and internet since yesterday. Meanwhile, several pictures of Mamunul Haque’s second wife claimed by him went viral on social media since last night. An audio of Mamunul Haque also went viral. And today, on Sunday, an audio of the conversation between Mamunul Haque’s second wife Jannat Ara Jharna and the woman’s son went viral. The audio was brought to the fore by the country’s private television channel Ekattar TV.

The phone conversation was between Jannat Ara Jharna and his son Abdur Rahman. The boy is 18 years old. Hafez Shahidul Islam got married to Jharna at the age of nine. They got divorced two and a half years ago due to family quarrels. Shahidullah and Jharna have two sons named Abdur Rahman and Tamim.

At one stage of the phone conversation, when they wanted to know about Tamim, Abdur Rahman said that he would go to meet him. Then Jharna said, don’t come to see me for now. It will be too late to meet.

Then Abdur Rahman says, that understanding we two brothers in Asban! No time to meet, no time to do! Then Jharna said, don’t bother now. I’m in a lot of trouble. Don’t bother anymore.

Abdur Rahman says, don’t show pity for him. But he will eat a lot of mai. Actually from Khulna. But he does not know that we are two brothers. After hearing this, Jharna said, “Listen, today I am out of the hands of death.” The truth is not hidden. I understood that my mother is doing bad things and another person is doing bad things. But you will do well.

At this time they started arguing. Abdur Rahman says, ‘I don’t need to do well. Don’t talk to me. ’The mother then told the boy to calm down and call later. But the boy said, the mood will be cool when we meet him. What will happen to him that day! I will tell the media how he contacted his friend’s wife. How did you get married? What the heck! I will say these in front of the media.