April 12, 2021


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Hefazat-Jamaat and Islam are not blue water

Let me tell you an incident a few years ago. Matiur Rahman Nizami was then the secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami. Fortunately, I received a circular signed by Nizami sent to party leaders in different districts at that time. The main point of the circular, which was about half a hundred pages long, was that Golam Azam’s son had married his aunt out of love. The enemies of Islam will use it as a tool. Although true and un-Islamic, the party workers should preach in favor of the issue and say that it is permissible according to the Shariah (Nawzubillah).

Ghulam Azam’s brother, who lost his wife, went to a press conference at the National Press Club. A few journalists from student camps and anti-independence families took a special role in preventing the man from holding a press conference. The gentleman was not allowed to speak at the press conference. In any case, the unfortunate brother of Golam Azam was finally evicted from his house in Moghbazar by the cadres of Jamaat-Shibir without the demand of his wife. No further trace of the man was found.

In fact, whatever happens if religion is taken over by the state and business is done – Jamaat has done it, Mamunuls are doing the same. Millions of Muslims and real scholars in this country do not do business with religion or politics. By doing this, some inhumans, those who are blinded by worldly fascination, have forgotten the Hereafter.

Take the case of Mamunul Haque. It turned out that Mamunul was not the only one. His whole family is a liar. False one. Mamunul said, this is his second wife’s name Amina Tayyaba. A minute later, the woman who was with him said that her name was Amina Taiyabya Non Jharna. False-two, the registrar of the resort wrote the name of the first wife without writing the name of the person who took her. False three. He called his first wife and said that the woman with him was Shahidul Bhai’s wife. False four, said to the first wife on the phone, you know the incident, tell everyone. He is constantly lying to himself, as well as inspiring his wife to lie. False five. Then Mamunul Haque said, it is a humane marriage, he is married, but there is no cabin. False six. Mamunul Haque’s nephew rescued fourteen members of the Awami League government and wrote on Facebook that the woman was his uncle’s legitimate wife. False seven. Only fifteen minutes after Mamunul’s nephew, Hefazati, wrote on Facebook that he was a legitimate wife, Mamunul’s first wife’s phone conversation with Mamunul’s sister surfaced. Mamunul’s sister was seen there, requesting Mamunul’s wife to tell him a little, my mother got married while she was alive. Look, the whole family is a liar. One lie after another. Then the son of the so-called second wife told the nation how Mamunul had snatched his mother from his simple father and used her as his concubine day after day. The fact is that Mamunul never married that woman.

What is said about marriage in Islam Mamunul Haque himself has said in one of his Waze, secret marriage has been asked to be canceled and secret marriage is not a marriage. In this regard, Maulana Azhari Waze said, in order to get married, one has to declare socially. Citing the example of Hazrat Omar, he said that Hazrat Omar had said that he would annul the secret marriage. If the secret marriage is annulled, then how is Mamunulata valid? However, after a meeting with Babu Nagari and Hefazat, Mamunul’s marriage was declared valid. Just as Jamaat-e-Islam did a few years ago about the son of Golam Azam.

An incident a few years ago may be remembered by many. Mahmudur Rahman, a supporter of the Jamaat group, published a Gilab in Arabic in Amar Desh, which was different, but he wrote that the release of Delwar Hossain Sayedee had been demanded in Makkah. By causing such incidents, they are playing tricks on the faith of millions of Muslims in the country who do not know or understand Arabic.

Today, Israel’s spy agency, the ultimate enemy of Islam, which is recognized all over the world, is trying to establish Islam as an extremist religion in the world with all these YouTube brand money from Mossad. But Islam is a religion of peace in the world. There will be no more than 50 people across the country who are misleading millions of devout Muslims by selling Waz for money. Pushing towards aggression. Where does all this money come from? The car in which Mamunal Haque was riding cost eight crore rupees. Where do you get so much money? Mamunul Haque’s brother-in-law apparently has no business but he has one skyscraper after another in the capital’s Paltan. Mamunul’s father was anti-independence. Mamunul’s father is one of the few religious businessmen who issued a fatwa in 1971 to hand over our mothers and sisters to the Pakistani army as booty. Religion business belongs to a few of their men and all their relatives.

Mamunul is not the only one – all those who are in the party now in the name of Hefzat are actually Jamaat people. No political agenda of Shafi Huzur’s custody was found during his lifetime, Jamaat took possession of it after his death? Maulana Shamsul Haque Faridpur, popularly known as Kamel Alam of our country, has more than once in his life urged the Muslims of Bengal to stay away from Jamaat-e-Fitna. Many eminent scholars of the subcontinent have said that if Nazarenes occupy a country, the flag of Islam may fly there one day, but if Jamaat-e-Islami harms a country, there will be no possibility of establishing Islam in that country till the Day of Resurrection. Lying about the Qur’an.

That is why I was saying – Dear Alem Samaj, why would you take responsibility for misdeeds like Mamunul Haque. Why a few Jamaat agents like Babu Nagar