April 15, 2021


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Maruf Kamal said that Khaleda Zia was relieved of her press secretary

Two days after BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s press secretary Maruf Kamal Khan Sohail was relieved of his duties, Maruf Kamal opened his mouth in this regard. Maruf Kamal gave a long status in the context of his release on Wednesday.That status of Maruf Kamal has been highlighted for the readers of Kaler KanthoI was discouraged from commenting or reacting on social media to the letter given to me by the BNP relieving Begum Khaleda Zia of her post of press secretary. Yet many have commented. Some people have made some sarcastic remarks about this decision out of emotion. People are not stones. He has reactions, he is emotional. Hopefully it will settle down in time.

I am overwhelmed by everyone’s love. Sorry for not being able to respond to everyone’s comments separately. I will tell the story of Madam Khaleda Zia’s assumption of office as Press Secretary at a very unusual time. But let me say one thing, it was not a job, not even a party post, it was just a political selection at Madame’s will. No one gave me any appointment letter or set any conditions. It was all based on word of mouth, faith and trust. I have never received any remuneration, remuneration or honor in return for this responsibility.

I am a little writer-journalist. Prominent people like Mr. Ahmed Nazir, Anwar Zahid and Riazuddin Ahmed before me have performed this political duty in the same way. Some of them were known as secretaries, while others were known as advisers. Out of this responsibility, some of them were in party posts, some were not. Although I was asked to take a party post outside the post of press secretary, I did not take it. Realizing my own limitations, I have limited myself to certain responsibilities.

Others are evaluating my successes and failures in fulfilling this responsibility entrusted to me to take care of Begum Khaleda Zia’s media coverage and draft her statements and written interview responses. It would be inappropriate for me to comment on this. I think beating my own drums is a very distasteful practice. I think it is inappropriate to show my credit for what I did during 1/11, out of conscience and out of idealism. However, if time permits, I will write down many unpublished incidents of that time.

I have no objection to the technical and methodological aspects of the BNP letter given to me and the words and sentences chosen in it. Because I don’t think I should dissect a closed chapter. I also do not want to reconsider it and consider the success of party politics more important than the evaluation of the individual.

I sincerely believe, no one is essential anywhere. No one has eternity in one responsibility. I hope that this change will bring the desired success and welfare for politics and the party. I have no complaints or grievances against anyone. I am deeply grateful to Begum Khaleda Zia for bestowing unparalleled honor on a small person like me. I sincerely thank all the leaders and workers, supporters and well-wishers at all levels of the party who have received my sincere cooperation, sympathy and love during my tenure and dedicated staff of the Chairperson’s Office. Especially in normal times, even in the days when I was severely attacked by those in power, my dear journalist friends and my colleagues have worked day and night at great risk to make me absolutely blessed and successful. It is not possible for me to forget their role in death.

I repeat, I took the issue of exemption very positively. My mind was not bad at all. I think many times blessing comes after the mask of curse. To me it seems like a complete blessing. Many times a lot of responsibility does not go away from human responsibility. If there is an automatic release from there, it is a release of absolute relief. I see it that way. This is a unique freedom.

The one I used to work for has fallen into the trap and is compulsively completely inactive today. So I didn’t have a job. In this situation, I am writing whatever is necessary and possible from the ideological belief. In addition to the ‘press secretary’ sticker that was affixed to my body, in the present situation, it had no effect other than depriving me of my freedom. As a freedom-loving man, it was not very comfortable for me. Moreover, it became a source of extreme jealousy and hatred in some quarters. I am really happy to be relieved of this situation.

I am plagued by numerous false cases filed from various complications of mental and physical health and political revenge. My family life has been shattered. I have to fight this crisis alone now, Harjit is uncertain. I just want blessings from you. The way I have fought the ideological struggle all my life without ever bowing my head, I can continue the personal struggle for the rest of my life in the same way. “