April 15, 2021


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BCL leader killed in road accident

Dhaka-Sylhet old highway in the Surma tea garden area of Habiganj motorcycle-pickup collided head-on with the vice president of Chunarughat Municipal BCL.Sipon Khan (26) was killed. Md. Sipon Municipal City. Son of Nasir Khan.The accident took place at 1.30 pm on Wednesday. Upon receiving the news, Teliapara outpost police and BGB members seized the pickup and recovered the body of the deceased .

Wait, when will the campus open. Chittagong University (CU), like other educational institutions across the country, is closed due to the Corona epidemic. Now that the incidence of corona has decreased, there is hope in the minds of the students that maybe the campus will open soon. The squeak of the shuttle train will bring rhythm back to their lives. But at the same time they have concerns. Some BCL leaders who ended their studies long ago are still sitting on the campus. The clashes between the BCL groups in trivial incidents have fueled them and the university has been closed many times. After the loss of the corona, the students will have to go through intense sessions. So they are demanding the removal of uneducated leaders from the campus.

Those who have occupied seats in residential halls even after finishing their studies and have been involved in factional and quarrels centered on dominating the campus in order to get a smooth campus to overcome the session jam created in Corona, do not want to roam the campus of at least one and a half dozen BCL leaders. Some of them are also accused in the murder case of central BCL leader Diaz Irfan Chowdhury.

Meanwhile, 18 months have passed since the two-member committee of the present Chhatra League was formed in the university. Chhatra League workers have demanded that either this committee should be completed soon or a new committee should be given. According to them, some of the ‘elderly’ BCL leaders have to leave the campus as they have completed their regular studies before coming to any post. The committee is not being formed in time. Some of them are getting seats in the committee two or three times.

It is learned that there are 11 subgroups including CFC, Sixty Nine, Vijay, VX, Bangla Mukh of Chhatra League based on bogie of shuttle train in the campus. These groups are divided between the followers of former city mayor AJM Nasir Uddin and the current deputy education minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel. And the members of these groups are involved in clashes centering on trivial incidents while the campus is open. Later, with the help of the old leaders named Chhatra League, the campus was closed and the class was closed. Casualties also occur. Residential halls, the vice-chancellor-proctor’s office, teachers’ buses and police vehicles were also vandalized for the sake of domination and sometimes for their own interests (regarding tenders and appointments).

According to sources, the list of these leaders includes Mansur Alam, Abdul Malek, Abu Torab Parash, Iftekhar Ayaz, Rakibul Hasan Dinar, Raju Munshi, Md. Saeed, Amir Sohail, Pradeep Chakraborty Durjoy. Among the followers of Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel are Sumon Nasir, Ilyas Mollah, Enamul Haque Arafat, Sharif Uddin, Shayan Das Gupta, Jahedul Awal, Alamin Rimon and Shariful Islam.

In addition, the former vice president Abul Mansur Jamshed and his younger brother Saiful Islam Rommel and Md. There are allegations that Mamun is causing various conflicts by being involved in tender related work. Former BCL leaders Sumon Mamun, Touhidul Islam Jimel and Jahangir Jibon are currently working but they are also known to have campus-centric activities.

Multiple students said university authorities should expel uneducated leaders from campus. Educational activities in Corona have already lagged far behind, so they don’t want to be stuck in sessions anymore because of their troubles.

According to various faculty sources, those who were admitted to the university 10-12 years ago are no longer students. Many could not complete graduation again. Although they do not have student status, they are involved in campus-centric politics after getting positions in multiple committees of Chhatra League.

In this context, the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. “We have a proctorial body and a committee,” Shirin Akhtar told Kaler Kanth. The committee has decided that those who do not have students and those who are involved in heating the campus at various times will no longer be able to stay on campus. The post-Corona campus will be run smoothly. So the administration should expel them. They should also move away from themselves. ‘

University Proctor Professor. Rabiul Hasan Bhuiyan said, “Those who do not have students, have names in cases due to their involvement in various crimes, do not need to be on campus. And those who have completed their studies are still engaged in various activities including campus related politics