April 13, 2021


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Blast disease has deprived farmers of sleep in Haluaghat

In Haluaghat upazila of Mymensingh, fungal blast disease is spreading in the crop lands planted by the farmers just before the harvest. The number of infections is higher in 26 and 27 brie rice. The farmers who planted this paddy are terrified. However, the agriculture office is giving regular advice to prevent the spread of this disease. The leave of all the officers of the Agriculture Office has already been canceled.

According to the information received from the Upazila Agriculture Office, blast disease causes black spots under the sheaf of paddy and the sheaf dies quickly. Boro has been planted in a total of 22,140 hectares of land in 12 unions and one municipality of the upazila this season. Of this, farmers have cultivated 26 and 27 varieties of brie paddy in 3,300 hectares of land. The yield has also been good. The paddy is to be harvested within the next one week. But the disease has appeared in about 20 hectares of land of the municipality including Amtail, Dhara, Kaichapur and Swadeshi of the upazila. But in reality the number is higher, say farmers.

It can be seen on the spot that the farmers are spraying the medicine of blast disease all over the paddy fields. Black spots under ripe rice husks. Some of the affected farmers said that at first, black spots were seen under the stalks of some rice. Then quickly spread it to eat all over. In a short time, the sheaf of rice dies.

Aynal Haque, a farmer from Koyrahati village in Dhara Union, said, “I did 28 brie again on about one and a half acre of land. The yield has been good this time. There was a possibility of getting 60 to 70 manas of paddy per acre. But all of a sudden this disease came to an end. Even then I am spraying pesticides on the advice of the agriculture officer. We are currently in panic. If the rest of our crops are ruined, we will have a food crisis.

Another farmer, Fazlul Haque, said that all those who have cultivated 26 and 28 brie rice of local varieties have been affected by blast disease. Many paddy fields are already dead. Many farmers cannot bring even a handful of paddy at home.

Upazila Agriculture Officer. Masudur Rahman told Kaler Kantha that Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officers are working in the field to control the attack of the disease at an early stage. We have already canceled everyone’s leave. We are working at the field level to advise the farmers to spray the fungicide Nativo on their crop lands and to implement it. The disease also occurs due to excessive heat during the day and cold weather at night. The disease can be prevented by spraying pesticides according to the advice of the Department of Agriculture to eat the infected without panicking.