April 13, 2021


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‘Do you need a man, sir? Understand the work and give what you can ‘

Dead state of mind, wearing a genji or shirt with lungi in a worn out slender body. Someone has a spade in his hand and someone else has a tool in his hand. If someone takes them waiting to find work. On the other side, another representative of the pharmaceutical company is waiting in front of the clinic to meet the doctors. But in this lockdown of the present time, no one is looking for a job and even if there is a job, he is passing a lazy day.

Such a scene was seen on Wednesday morning at Charpara junction of Mymensingh district headquarters.

It was seen from the audience that 20/25 people of different ages were sitting on the slab of the drain in front of the closed shop. Someone brought a spade, someone had a shovel or other tool. As soon as he approached, he came from Jatla and asked, “Sir, do you need a man?” If you understand the work and give whatever you can, it would not be necessary to talk. ‘

When he finds out that he doesn’t need to, he is upset and surrounds another person. This is how they are busy looking for work. Even after staying for about two hours, no work was done for them. And at that time, in front of a clinic next door, the representatives of various pharmaceutical companies are coming down from the motorcycles and getting dressed in glamor. They did not see a doctor during that time.

Many of them said that they could not see the doctor even after waiting for hours to meet him. It is difficult to say when you will meet or not. Still not giving up.

A doorman at the Border Diagnostic Center, who was present, said there was no time for doctors to arrive due to the lockdown. No one comes at any time and many do not come again. Emergency patients are also coming and going from far and wide.

Samiul Hasan, an employee of a pharmaceutical company, said he had to come here every day. It is the instruction of the office. As a result, I am having a lazy day without getting a doctor.

On the other hand, Jamir and Nayan Mia from Trishal said that they have 5 to 6 members in their family. They have to get food. In this situation they are not able to do any work locally. So he is forced to go to the city. If available in this hope.