April 13, 2021


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Union Jamaat Amir’s ‘retirement’ reception was given by A. League Secretary!

In Bhangura, Pabna, there has been a storm of criticism over the reception given to the Amir of Union Jamaat by the Awami League leader and UP chairman. Former Jamaat Amir of Dilpashar Union of the upazila and headmaster of Panch Betuan Government Primary School Fazlur Rahman was received by Union Parishad Chairman and Union Awami League General Secretary Ashok Kumar Ghosh on Tuesday afternoon.It is learned that Fazlur Rahman of Panch Betuan village in Dilpashar union of the upazila started working in a private primary school in the village. During his tenure, he served as the president of Dilpashar Union Jamaat. Later in 2014, when all the private primary schools in the country were nationalized, he resigned from the party. However, Fazlur Rahman continued to organize the Jamaat in the area. From then on, he formed alliances with the leaders and workers of Awami League. At one point, he retired earlier this month. On the occasion, UP Chairman Ashok Kumar Ghosh gave a reception to Fazlur Rahman at the school on Tuesday afternoon. Ward Awami League president Abdus Sattar was present at the time.

Meanwhile, after giving the reception, the leaders and activists of the Awami League and its affiliated organizations started criticizing him through social media.

Rashid Sarkar, president of Panch Betuan Ward Juba League, said that the party leaders and workers were very ashamed to give him the reception of the Awami League chairman who could not accept the development of the government who still spoke against the government and the Awami League. I strongly condemn this incident.

In this regard, Chairman Ashok Kumar Ghosh said, Fazlur Rahman used to join Jamaat a long time ago. Now he is inactive and there is no Jamaat leader in the union. So I don’t think it’s wrong to welcome him as a head teacher.

Shahidul Islam, president of Dilpashar Union Awami League, said that Union Parishad elections are ahead. That is why Ashok Kumar Ghosh does not see any difference between Jamaat and BNP to take everyone for himself.

But after carrying the responsibility of the post of Prime Minister, the question today is how much the Prime Minister has when he sees the good and bad of the party. That is why I proposed to the Prime Minister some time ago to make Sheikh Rehana the acting president of the party. Sheikh Hasina agreed, Sheikh Rehana did not agree. Anyway, after some time, as Obaidul Quader became the general secretary of the party, I was convinced that Obaidul Quader was not old, he was a follower of Bangabandhu from the politics of student life. He has also suffered imprisonment for that. The Awami League got a skilled general secretary in him after a long time. But the misfortune of the Awami League organization. Obaidul Quader suddenly fell seriously ill. There was no hope in his life. After a long illness he recovered; But it has not been strong yet. He was attacked by Kavid-19 all over the country. Obaidul Quader’s party could not implement the plan of purification.

In India, the internal squabbles that erupted in the Congress after the death of Rajiv Gandhi have put an end to the party. In Indian politics, the Congress is now Hero to Zero. My sincere prayer is that this situation of Awami League should not happen in Bangladesh. As long as Sheikh Hasina is leading the party, it does not seem to happen. Sheikh Hasina has changed from a politician to a statesman. Establishment of his leadership throughout Southeast Asia. There is no alternative to his leadership in the country. He needs to give some time to the work of the party and take a plan to reform and restructure the party with a firm hand. Expulsion of corrupt neo-Awami Leaguers from the party.

Today is the tenth danger signal in front of Bangladesh, which I have already mentioned. However, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina is still in power and I hope she will be able to overcome this tenth calamity like the previous disasters. The politics of the country today is in the hands of a group of new rich people. Among them is a group of corrupt businessmen. Eighty-five percent of the country’s parliamentary seats are held by businessmen. The country’s media is the same. This situation has been created by one of the leaders of Bangabandhu’s assassins, General Ziaur Rahman. In order to bring the country back to the rogue capitalist economy, he created a new class of rich people and businessmen who defaulted on bank loans through the business of suitcases with the slogan ‘Money is no problem’. Like the water hyacinth, their lineage and numbers have increased and they are now controlling the country’s politics and socio-economic system.

It is an impossible task to save the country even if they are in power. Sheikh Hasina has the responsibility to complete that impossible task. She is now the leader of the Impossible Mission. Without the support of strong mass organizations at this time, it will not be possible to achieve its goal. The Awami League will be his biggest supporting force in achieving this goal, if he brings back the previous organizational strength of the Awami League. At the same time, if with the same determination with which he has suppressed the war criminals and assassins of Bangabandhu, eradicated the terrorism of BNP-Jamaat from the country, dealt with the sabotage conspiracy of a so-called affluent society, he takes the same corrupt mindset Then, just as he has given economic prosperity to the country, he will also be able to start a war to free the socio-economic and political system of the country from the clutches of exploiters, looters and communal forces.

The Awami League has strong leadership. There is a clear policy in front of the team. That is Bangabandhu’s policy of establishing exploitative democracy; That policy is based on secular nationalism, secularism, democracy and socialism. The Awami League will not be able to build the golden Bengal of Bangabandhu’s dream just by wearing Mujibcoat and uttering Bangabandhu’s ideology. In this year of Mujib, their promise will be to be idealistic and selfless Mujib. In order to overcome the tenth calamity, they need to strengthen Sheikh Hasina’s hand by correcting themselves. In the current situation, there is no alternative in front of them.