April 17, 2021


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‘Don’t worry about Hummer, the big guys will catch them.’

The only hope for the people of the country during the tenth calamity for the ruling party and the government is Sheikh Hasina, a skilled leader for them. He is brave. His courage and skill can be seen in the face of danger and disaster. There is no doubt that it will be found again. But power must be provided in the hands of Sheikh Hasina. His party Awami League can provide that strength. At the same time Awami League’s affiliated organizations Chhatra League, Juba League etc.

But today the Awami League’s own situation is not good. Internal strife has grown everywhere. The incident of Quader Mirza in Noakhali is a big proof of that. We need to find out how many more such Quader Mirza are in the Awami League. All that is needed is to liberate this party from the blanket of hybrid leaders and activists and reorganize it as a trusted political party. The government alone cannot deal with the national catastrophe, this time the duty of the strongest political party is to put power in the hands of the government. The Awami League must be united for this.

A glimpse of such an effort to organize the party has recently been received from the conscious leaders of the party. Just as Nehru consolidated the party by removing all the weeds from within his Congress party through the ‘Kamran Plan’, so too the Awami League must be organized and strengthened. Obaidul Quader, the general secretary of the party, has recently hinted that they are going to take steps to purify the party. This is the news of hope. The main reason why the Awami League has become such a popular and powerful political party in the country is that the party has got qualified general secretaries like Bangabandhu and Tajuddin Ahmed. Weaknesses in the Awami League arose when the late President Zillur Rahman was the party’s general secretary. He was not a full-time general secretary. He did not lack qualifications in team management. But it was not possible for him to fulfill the two responsibilities of ministry on the one hand and running the party on the other hand with equal efficiency.

To keep the party organized and strong, Bangabandhu once resigned from the ministry and became the full-time general secretary of the Awami League. After the country became independent, when he was the Prime Minister, he resigned from the post of party president and appointed Minister Kamaruzzaman to that post. Kamaruzzaman resigned as minister.

Currently the situation has changed. The team has grown. The situation has also become complicated. In such a situation, Indira Gandhi, as the Prime Minister of India, divided the Congress party and formed the Indira Congress. Fortunately for Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh, the entire Awami League was and is loyal to Bangabandhu Kanya. Sheikh Hasina did not have to divide the party. The party has appointed her as its president. He needs to be in this position in the current situation.