April 15, 2021


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‘Don’t worry about Hummer, the big guys will catch them.’

Leaders of the Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet District Bar Associations have sent separate letters to Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain requesting him to open lower courts across the country. The letter was handed over by the leaders of Chittagong and Sylhet district lawyers on Wednesday and the leaders of the Dhaka district lawyers’ association on April 5.

The Supreme Court has declared a halt to judicial proceedings in all lower courts, including the Supreme Court, across the country since April 5 in the wake of the rise in coronavirus infections. However, there is one chamber bench in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court and only four benches in the High Court Division for hearing urgent matters. And one or more magistrate courts are open in every district and metropolis. This decision has been effective since April 5. Outraged by this decision of the Supreme Court, the lawyers in the Supreme Court carried out a human chain program. They demanded that all benches in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court be introduced virtually.

On April 5, Hazrat Ali, general secretary of the Dhaka District Bar Association, submitted a written request to the chief justice to open the Dhaka court. Following this, the leaders of Sylhet and Chittagong District Bar Association sent a letter to the Chief Justice yesterday.

The letter, signed by AHM Ziauddin, general secretary of the Chittagong District Bar Association, said it was necessary to launch a limited number of bail hearings, urgent restraint applications and filing proceedings in the new courts to resolve urgent matters in the event of an emergency.

A letter from Advocate ATM Fayez Uddin, President and Advocate Mahfuzur Rahman, General Secretary, on behalf of the Sylhet District Bar Association, said that without extending the lockdown, it is politely requested to issue necessary orders / directions to conduct the court in compliance with the necessary steps as per health rules.

What is happening around the country seems to be the tenth danger signal for the Awami League and the Awami League government. The Cavid-19 attack has escalated to such an extent that it has caused a catastrophe in public life as well as forced the government to take drastic action. The public transport system in the country is completely closed. The government had no choice but to take this action. The government has had to take various other measures in the interest of security of public life. The people should cooperate with every system of government. The government and the people must work together to defeat the world terror monster like Kavid-19.

The first attack of Kavid-19 in Bangladesh was praised all over the world by the government for its efficient response. The government cannot allow that success to fade this time. Sheikh Hasina is a worthy leader. Under his leadership, the country has faced many great dangers and disasters. This time too, the united nation under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina will be able to overcome the catastrophe that has been created in Bangladesh like other countries of the world. This is everyone’s expectation.

During the first attack of Kavid-19, poets, writers and artists of the country appeared before the people with their poems, songs and other works of art to protect the morale of the people. Modern technology helped them. They were able to appear in front of the people online at home. He increased the morale of the people through their poems, songs etc. This time too, these artists and writers need more vigorous work. In order to defeat Kavid-19, you have to appear in front of the people with more inspiring songs and poems by zooming in. The government media has to campaign hard so that the common man does not break the hygiene rules.

There was no question of danger in front of the government. The recent social and political upheaval is no less deadly than that of Kavid. Religious fanaticism and communal forces have become active in the country. At the same time, the activities started by some terrorists inside the Awami League are suicidal for the ruling party. This internal quarrel has created a big challenge for Sheikh Hasina.