April 15, 2021


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Students instructed to leave mess in Bogra

Students in Bogra have been instructed to leave the mess. The decision has been taken considering the increase in coronavirus infection and the overall situation. The district administration also said that this decision will continue till the next decision is taken. Meanwhile, the students are in trouble due to the decision to leave the mess quickly.It can be seen on the spot that from Wednesday morning, the police members have instructed the students to leave the mess in other areas including Bogra’s Seujgari, Jamilnagar, Sabujbagh, Jahurulnagar, Puran Bogra, Kamargari.Atiqur Rahman Atiq, who is in the mess, said that he has been ordered to leave the mess by the morning of April 8.

A student named Supriya Sarkar said, I have been instructed to leave the mess. However, as all transport is closed, I am in danger of going to my village home.

Meanwhile, a student named Siraj said that the students have been told to leave the mess. But even if we are at home, we have to pay the rent for the mess. So if the mess owners instructed us to close the mess, we would not have to pay rent anymore.

Regarding the instructions to close the mess, Faisal Mahmud, Additional Superintendent of Police of the Sadar Circle of the district police, said that all educational institutions in the country are closed. Coronary infections have also increased. The government has also announced a lockdown. Basically considering the overall situation, the students have been instructed to leave the mess quickly.

Bogra Deputy Commissioner Ziaul Haque said the decision was taken as per government instructions.

A schoolgirl went from Amtali in Barguna to Taltali Sonakata Eco Park with Dulabhai. From there, he was arrested and taken to the forest, where he was accused of organized rape. A case has been filed against four schoolgirls at Taltoli police station. Police have arrested three people for allegedly raping three children in Swarupkathi in Manikganj and Pirojpur. It has been alleged that a domestic worker became pregnant after being raped at Patnitala in Naogaon.

The four accused in the incident in Taltoli Upazila on Wednesday afternoon are Sohag, Hasan, Mizanur and Zahidul. Although the accused Sohag’s house is in Kalapara upazila, the other three are local scoundrels.

According to the case and victim sources, the schoolgirl of Kalapara Upazila went for a walk in Sonakata Eco Park on a rented motorbike with Dulabhai on Wednesday. When you get tired of walking in the park, Dulabhai goes to fetch drinking water from a shop next to the deer enclosure. At that time, four scoundrels came and tied the schoolgirl’s face and forcibly took her to the forest inside the park. When the motorcyclist stopped him, the youths tied him to a tree and snatched his mobile phone, motorcycle keys and money from him. After a while, Dulabhai came to the spot and saw the driver tied to a tree and informed the locals about the incident. The locals rescued the girl from the forest and informed the Taltoli police station. When the police took the victim to the police station, he filed a case. The student said that Sohag and Hasan raped her. And Mizanur and Jahidul guard.

Police have arrested a 35-year-old man named Abu Bakkar Siddique for allegedly raping a six-year-old child on March 9 in Ghior, Manikganj. Mannan and Jabed, two local matabars, have been accused of covering up the matter in the village arbitration.

On the other hand, police have arrested a man named Shawkat Hossain (21) for raping a child (12) in Shibalaya upazila of the district. He is the son of Dolal Hossain of Shakrail village in Diarchar of Shawkat upazila and a security guard of a solar plant in Nayakandi area. Shawkat had been torturing the child for some time. Shawkat was arrested yesterday while torturing the child.

A young man named Shakil (20) has been arrested for raping a sixth class madrasa student in Atghar-Kuriana Union of Swarupkathi in Pirojpur on Wednesday afternoon. He was arrested from Sangitkathi area of ​​the upazila on Wednesday.

Aminul Islam alias Saikat, 40, is the only son of Akhter Hossain alias Sabur, a businessman from Nazipur Old Bazar in the upazila. An eight-month-pregnant domestic worker filed a case against Saikat in a court on March 22 under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act.

[Manikganj (Regional), Amtali (Barguna), Swarupkathi (Pirojpur) and Dhamairhat-Patnitala (Naogaon) correspondents of Kaler Kantha provided information in preparing the report]