April 15, 2021


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The most active corona in the country is the African type

The South African strain of the corona virus has been most active in Bangladesh since the third week of March. Such information has come up in a study of ICDDR, Bir.

According to the ICDDR, B website published on Wednesday, 81 per cent of the coronavirus strains that were active in the country in the last week of March were South African variants.

The South African variant (B.1.351) and the Brazilian variant (P1 / P2) continue to spread to different parts of the world.

The ICDDR, B says the South African variant (B.1.351) is more likely to infect all three of these types; Genetic mutations are also more common, which can affect a patient’s medical procedures and the effectiveness of the vaccine.

According to the ICDDR, Bir study, the UK-type coronavirus was active in Bangladesh until the second week of March. Of all the types active at the time, 52 per cent were UK variants.

However, in the last week of March, 61 percent of all active species were African variants.

Researchers say the country now needs regular monitoring of different types of coronavirus, as it is important for patient management and vaccine effectiveness.
Coronavirus infection in Bangladesh has been increasing rapidly since mid-March. In a single day on Wednesday, 6,628 people were infected, which is the highest number of patients identified daily. A record 6 people died of the virus on Tuesday.

The number of Kovid-19 patients identified so far in the country stands at 6 lakh 59 thousand 26 people. 9 thousand 448 of them have died.

In Barisal, 1 person has died in Corona ward and 5 in isolation ward in the last 24 hours. In addition, corona infection was found in the body of 6 people in 15 samples. Only 2 people got clearance.

In 24 hours, 25 people were admitted to the isolation ward on suspicion of corona. Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College (Shebachim) Hospital sources said on Wednesday morning.

It is learned that at present 26 people are undergoing treatment in Corona ward of Shebachim. Besides, 93 people are admitted in the isolation ward. As of Wednesday, a total of 506 people had died, including 148 in the Corona ward and 361 in the isolation ward. 29,011 people got clearance from Corona and Isolation Ward.