July 23, 2021


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Dilara Zaman is upset for them

‘Eat! No matter the night, no matter how hard the low-income boys of the production shoot. If there is no work for a day, he spends the day without eating. They come to the shooting first and then go home. Some actors are totally dependent on shooting. If the work is stopped in lockdown, this time they will have a terrible misfortune, ”said 69-year-old actress Dilara Zaman. In the second wave of Corona, he is more upset than the light-camera assistant, production boy and colleagues of the shooting.

He has not taken part in any shooting in Corona since last month. Doing your own work at home in awareness. Most of the time he lives alone at home. He spends his time watching television, reading magazines and talking to colleagues on his mobile phone. Corona is growing at this rate, for the time being it is strictly forbidden for her to leave her home. He used to go out for 20 minutes every day with caution, but that too has been shut down. He has to walk on the roof of the house to stay healthy.


Dilara Zaman said, if you are aware, the chances of getting infected with corona are less. He tries to be alert all the time. Corona may be, always staying away from contact with something like that. Spend more solo time without shooting. In this situation, he is upset for the low-income shooting crew and the actor.

Dilara Zaman is upset thinking about the shooting light-camera assistant, production boy and colleagues.
Dilara Zaman is upset thinking about the shooting light-camera assistant, production boy and colleagues.
Dilara Zaman said, ‘Shooting in Corona was closed for many days last year. At that time many people suffered and survived. This time the situation is more terrible. In such a situation in the country, we can continue for a while even if we don’t shoot, but how will those who work with us make a living? If the problem increases, they will have to live an inhuman life. I am very worried about how they will take care of their family and children. I always want my colleagues to be well. ‘

As a child, he grew up seeing pictures of Rajkapur, Dilip Kumar, Vaijanti Mala, Nargis and many more. He was the first to know the city of Mumbai for these favorite stars. Dilara Zaman never thought that she would be able to shoot in that city one day. He returned from Mumbai last month after finishing shooting. He is very happy to get the opportunity.

She is playing the role of Dilara Zaman, Bangabandhu’s mother Sahera Khatun. They had to shoot under strict security for Corona. He had to stay for 10 extra days for 4 days. This time he spent his time in the hotel room. The Tungipara house was built in Mumbai Film City for the shooting of the film. That house was once set on fire by grenades in the shooting story. The actress is upset to see the house burnt down. He said, “Bangabandhu’s house was burnt down to show the true events of that time on the screen.” I was very upset to see such a beautiful house burning down. It’s great to be associated with such a tidy job. ‘

Dilara Zaman with a crow in a scene from Manapakshi
Dilara Zaman with a crow in a scene from Manapakshi
Corona once thought not to go shooting because. He later took the risk of shooting. Every day she puts makeup in the car. After finishing the shooting, he finished the work after the shooting, starting from the food in the car, changing the clothes.

He is not currently taking part in any shooting in Corona. He will start shooting after understanding the situation. He had two serial dramas in his hands. They are doing that for now. As soon as the situation improves, Corona will again take part in regular serials and solo dramas.