April 13, 2021


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What is the number of dead, 13, 15 or 16

Violence in Brahmanbaria. In the base area of ​​the city monastery
Violence in Brahmanbaria. Profile photo of the base area of ​​the city monastery

Ashiqul Islam (32) used to work in a schoolbag factory at Rayerbagh in the capital. He lost his job and returned to his village home in Brahmanbaria two months ago. Ashikul, the eldest of six siblings, was looking for a job. Meanwhile, Ashiqul went to the Pairatla bus stand area next to his house to picket the strike called by Hefazat-e-Islam on March 26 in the morning. The family got the news of his death after being shot around 12 noon.

When he went to Ashiqul’s house, his mother Shamsun Nahar told Prothom Alo last Sunday that the bullet hit Ashiqul in the head. People in the area who were with him said police fired.

Ashiqul Islam was one of the victims of three days of violence in Brahmanbaria from March 26 to 27. According to government estimates, 13 people lost their lives in these three days. However, Ashikul’s name is not in the official list.

Ashiqul’s name is in the list of those killed by Hefazat-e-Islam in this incident. Hefazat says a total of 15 people, including Ashiqul, were killed. The names of 12 of them are also in the official list. The names of the three are not in the official list. The name of Nurul Amin (22) is not in the list of those killed in the official list. In this situation, the number of people killed in Brahmanbaria is 13, 15 or 16, the question has arisen.

Hefazat has given a list of 15 people, out of which 6 names are in the register book of the surgery ward of Brahmanbaria Sadar Hospital and the medical certificate of the cause of death. They are Badal Mia (28), Zahirul Islam (40), Kawsar Ahmed (22), Al Amin (19), Md. Jubayer (12) and Kausar Ahmed (20). The medical certificates of the last three are said to have been shot.

The injured were taken to Dhaka and Comilla Medical College Hospitals. After their deaths, the bodies of both of them were autopsied there. They are Abdullah Ratin (15) and Kamal Mia (21).

The reporters spoke with the families of the other seven. Families confirm the death.


Distortion in the government’s list
The list sent to the Home Ministry by the field administration regarding the dead persons contains the names, addresses and occupations of 13 people. According to the ‘list of names of those who died in destructive activities’, the mason died in three days. Ashiq (20), CNG driver Jor Alam (40), CNG driver Sujan (20), plastic factory worker Badal (28), raw material trader Kausar (30), former student of Darul Arkam Madrasa Hafeez Mohammad. Jobayer (14), Mohammad Hossain (28), a final year student of the etiquette department of Jamia Yunusia Madrasa, Md. Sarail Pathanpara, a former student of Hafizia Madrasa. Alamin (19), rickshaw puller Liton (30), worker Kamaluddin (32), Tabligh Jamaat partner Kalon Mia (40), clothes shop employee Md. Ratim (22) and worker Nurul Amin (22).

The exact names of the five were not mentioned in the official list. Among them, Zor Alam’s real name is Zahirul Islam, Sujan’s real name is Hafez Kawsar Ahmed, Mohammad Hussain’s real name is Hussain Ahmed, Kamaluddin’s real name is Kamal Mia and Md. Ratim’s real name is Abdullah Ratin, their family said in the first light.

Nurul Amin’s father’s name Madu Mia is mentioned in the official list. Home is Nandanpur in Brahmanbaria. With this information, Prothom Alo has spoken to five residents of Nandanpur and Chairman of Union Parishad Abdul Haque. They said they had not heard of anyone named Nurul Amin of the area being killed in the violence. Brahmanbaria Sadar Police Station OC Abdur Rahim also said that they did not have any information about Nurul Amin.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told Prothom Alo on Monday that the list was based on information from the Brahmanbaria District Police and District Special Branch (DSB). All of them died in the clashes.

However, Officer-in-Charge (DIO-1) of Brahmanbaria Police Imtiaz Ahmed told Prothom Alo that he did not know who made the list and how.

Those who are out of the official list
Of the 13 people on the government’s list, except Nurul Amin, the other 12 are also on Hifazat-e-Islam’s list. Md. In the custody list. Moshahid Mia (18), Md. Ashiqul Islam (32) and Md. Faisal’s name is not in the government’s list.

Among those on the list is Moshahid’s home in Shimrailkandi in Brahmanbaria town. Last Sunday morning he talked to his father Nur Alam in that house. He told Prothom Alo that his son went there on March 26 after receiving news of a clash between the students of Jamia Yunusia Madrasa and the BCL. Moshahid was shot in the stomach around 7.30 pm. Law enforcement forces fired. He died on the way to Dhaka by ambulance in Narayanganj.

On the same day, when he went to Ashikul’s house at Gokarna Ghat outside the city, his mother Shamsun Nahar claimed that his son had been martyred. He does not want to sue.
Faisal’s elder brother Anna Mia was talking on the mobile phone. He said his father’s name was Mubarak Mia and his mother was Sophia Khatun. Faisal worked in a tailor’s shop in Nandanpur. Faisal was also present during a chase between law enforcers and madrasa students in Nandanpur on March 26. Faisal was shot dead by police after Asr prayers.

The reporters contacted the families of a total of 15 of the victims. Everyone’s family members said they were shot dead. Murders, clashes, accidents or untimely deaths are usually reported to the police. If the family does not file a case, the police will kill him