April 13, 2021


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Cheat and terror


At Narayanganj’s real resort, Mamunul Haque, Mamunul Haque, who heard the ideals of Waj Mahfil in Waj Mahfil, was caught in the hands of some young people and swept away by Allah, after being expressed in the social media, Mamunul was the son of Madrasa In order to rescue Haq, the reception inside the resort, the restaurant, which has broken down. The question was about to think that the people of Madrasa have learned how to destroy the property of others? Who gave them all the hard sticks? All the weapons that can be mixed with all the accessories of the whole resort in a few minutes! The owner of the resort sadly said that he has been destroyed by several crores. Those who have done destructive work at the resort, who has respected Mamunul Haque, do not know what Mamunul Haque has done that work that he himself is immoral, illegal, wrong? Do they not know that the sword of Allah speaks to their lies? They all know, but they do not have anything to do. They have learned as a mistake of the guru, as much as the guru, as cheating, guru should be said. The guru should be blindly believed. Guru 100 kills the guru is innocent. Needless to say, a documentary blind deaf has been created in Bangladesh. Mamunul Haque and its fundamentalist violent teammates in this community.

At first, I thought Mamunul Haque went to Bihar, his lover, can go, love is not wrong. After some phonographers were understood from the phone, he was cheating with two women. The day of his wife is deceiving day after day, and on the other hand, Paradise Ara fountain, whom He has cut off by Allah, has married, in fact, whom he did not get married, Nahat was used as sex. Not so terrible women activists do not love women, use women as a donuting dustin. Two women, but address him. Both of them believe in the Lord. The relationship of love and love is never the relationship of the Lord-slave. From a brothers’ phonograph with the fountain we know that he and Mamunul Haque lives like a husband and wife, but they did not have any covenant of marriage, registration. The fountain himself said this. Cabinnama did not registration and the registration did not get married. The fountain is sitting in marriage but Mamunul Haque will enjoy him with this promise. Who do we know that this work? They have to be prison for cheating. Mamunul Huq is not being prisoned because of government abolishing. Mamunul Huqera did not believe in the laws of Bangladesh but also believed in Sharia law. If he is given the punishment of adultery in Sharia law? Then he will be able to endure that punishment? What to do, then threw stones again. The fate of Mamunul Haque is good that he does not have Sharia law in the country where he lives in the country, which he screams of day to bring the law and excite the devotees.

Bangladesh Pratidin Hefajati leaders, Mamunul’s phenomenal with mamunul’s phrases, Mamunul’s Phoenol, with a mamunul’s phrases, with the wife of Mamunul’s phone, with the wife of Mamunul’s phone, with the wife of Mamunul’s wife, Mamunul’s wife, with the fountain of Mamunul’s phone, with the fountain of Mamunul’s phone. Son of the mad fountain, a brother-in-law, a brother-in-law with a brother-in-law, with a brother-in-law, with a brother-in-law, with a brothers and registration with fountain. The character of deceiver Mamunul was exposed when they heard them. Only two cheating stories came out. There are many such stories, who knows.
Women’s torture, women’s henda, fraud by women, the manalists of Bangladesh are ahhushah. Since Mamunul is the leader, since the locusts burned around his order, they just did not fall down to kill themselves, they fell down to kill themselves, so that the analysis of the character of Mamunul’s character is important. The locusts know that there is an inferior person, a cheaper, a liar, any self-reliant command. Maybe those who are blindfold, no one will be humiliated. But those who have not yet blinded, they may change.

It is a crime to cheat with people, Mamunul is doing that crime, he is doing the biggest crime, he is doing the most crime, against the progress against the progress, against women, against women, horrible poison against women, horrific poisoning against minorities, hundreds of children are becoming fierce rioters . He is convinced that he is terrorism in terrorism and militancy-that is certainly his intimate crime. That day he led the students of Madasa to terrorism across the country. They have burnt all the priceless resources of the country, not only, but also their own died. It is a very big crime to destroy the country and people. Due to this crime, being punished by Mamunul Haque is very important. Due to him, Death is devotees, where he will blame himself for his death, where he will cry, wail, he went away to rejoice. Still, folkcul will not be angry with his behavior? More devotees were not inserted in the brain of some devotees except singing praise of guru.

However, there was some dissatisfaction with Hefajati other leaders with Mamunul. If they were able to remove Mamunul from his post, would it be possible to stand as a civilized organization? Ama

I do not think so. If Mamunul does not become a deceiver, Hefajati leaders believe in terrorism, this is true. So far, the leaders of Hefajat did not apologize for the children of Madrasa, not to apologize to terrorism across the country, did not express regret. But why do Mamunul Huq feel evil alone? Deobandira of India does not go to a riot fascist violence. But following the ideals of Deobandi, Bangladesh’s custody, Taliban of Afghanistan, Zhangvi in ​​Lashkar in Pakistan, Saipah, Sahaba, Tehri, Tehri, The Sahaba organization in Sipah in Pakistan has been banned. All other terrorist organizations should be banned.

Political Islam is very dangerous. Political Islam leaders want to introduce Sharia law in the country, which women will not have any rights in the law. Those who speak lies in the oath of Allah, they do not believe that Allah does not believe. Allah is only using the Messenger for their own interests. They want to launch Sharia law for feminine and non-Muslim hatred. No woman does not get anything to the right or independence, no non-Muslims do not have any right to live in this region.

Those who have lost the mural of Bangabandhu have been arrested. But those who burned the music academy of Ostad Alauddin Khan, who burned the library, who burned the resources of the people, who were not being arrested? Or are all terrorists of terrorists seen in view of all terrorists? Know many of the government team think that it is good to have Islamic fundamentalist terrorists as an opponent than having a real political party. If they see the danger, their donations can be kept under control, empathy from the outer world, to deal with fundamentalism.

Midualism also, like fundamentalism, do not want it. Culture also wants, there is no need for disorder. If you want peace, even for terrorism, it is not. If you go to the two navy legs, it does not believe that this truth is drowning until you die?