July 24, 2021


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There is only emptiness in ‘tradition’

Wife Mushtaq Ahmed with father Abdur Razzak and mother Jebunnesa
Wife Mushtaq Ahmed with father Abdur Razzak and mother Jebunnesa from family album
Jebunnesa Razzak has spent her entire life teaching. At the age of 61, he started an online food business with the encouragement of his relatives. Orders were also coming. Everything he cooked was kept in a small box in the refrigerator. I hope my son Mushtaq Ahmed will be released from jail one day. Sit in front and feed him carefully. The refrigerator was full at one point. And the boy returned as a corpse.

Jebunnesa’s family was in the ‘tradition’ of Lalmatia with her husband, son and son’s wife. Now there is only emptiness. Husband Abdur Razzak also died on Monday afternoon, 39 days after his son’s death. His daughter-in-law Lipa Akhter is not completely healthy yet. Ishrat Ara and Farhat Ara, daughters of Jebunnesa Razzak and Abdur Razzak, have been living in the United States for a long time. Mushtaq Ahmed was arrested in May last year in a case under the Digital Security Act. He died in custody on February 25 after his bail application was rejected six times.


Nafisur Rahman was contacted on Tuesday to find out how the family is doing in the absence of Mushtaq Ahmed. Nafisur is at the same time Mushtaq’s cousin and cousin. He lives in a flat in the tradition of Lalmatia.

Nafisur said in the first light, Mushtaq Ahmed’s parents were eagerly waiting for their son. On February 23, Jebunnesa Razzak regretted hearing that Mushtaq’s bail application had been rejected again and said, “I don’t think the boy has been seen again in my lifetime.” The two have never met since their arrest. Lipa could not handle this situation. Relatives used to call Mushtaq Ahmed and Lipa Akhtar ‘Match Made in Heaven’.

Lipa Akhter’s phone rang for the first time on the night of February 25. Phone at home, Lipa Hospital. Abdur Razzak did not pick up the phone when he saw an unknown number. After a while, he and Jebunnesa Jabbar both fell asleep. This time Nafisur Rahman’s phone rang. At the other end is Lipa Akhtar’s brother. He said the deputy district had called and informed that Mushtaq Ahmed had died. The brother was more than a brother, for him it seemed bigger than his own troubles, the thought of how to wake the old parents and give them this news. At one point, he called his relatives and informed Mushtaq Ahmed’s parents that their son had died.

Mushtaq Ahmed was very scared from his childhood. Abdur Razzak, a student of Bangladesh University of Engineering, was the General Manager of Keru & Co. in Kushtia. Mushtaq and his two sisters were born there. Abdur Razzak and his family moved to Chittagong with the job of managing director of Eastern Cables. At that time, the boy was sent to Fauzdarhat Cadet College to recover. Mushtaq was also in the breaking team there. His mind did not settle for any work for a long time. From a job at T Garden to a tourism company, from there to study in the UK, then to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He was able to settle down only by cultivating crocodiles. That too has to be left at once. Though he was worried, he was not sad about his son. He often said, ‘Did Mushtaq write something unjust or untrue? Didn’t write. Just suffered from jail. He has no regrets, he has arrogance.