July 23, 2021


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Rafiqul Madani, a ‘child speaker’, detained, threatened with custody if not released

Rafiqul Islam Madani (28), popularly known as ‘Shishu Bakta’ in Waz Mahfil, has been detained by the law enforcement agencies. He was arrested from Letirkanda in Purbadhala upazila of Netrokona on Tuesday night.

Netrokona Superintendent of Police (SP) confirmed the arrest of Rafiqul Islam Madani around 4:30 pm on Wednesday. Akbar Ali Munshi. He said the arrested Rafiqul is currently in the custody of RAB. He said he did not know why he was detained.

However, the assistant director of the legal and media wing of the RAB. No. M. Imran Khan said Rafiqul Islam Madani had been arrested on charges of making provocative and arrogant anti-state remarks and creating chaos.

Meanwhile, a press conference was held at the press club in Moktarpara area of ​​Netrokona town around 3:30 pm today to protest the arrest of Rafiqul Islam Madani. This was organized under the banner of Hefazat Islam Bangladesh Netrokona Branch. At that time, the organizers demanded the unconditional release of Rafiqul Islam and said that they did not know where Rafiqul Islam Madani was now. Law enforcement is not saying why he was detained. If he is not released soon, strict action will be taken in consultation with the central leaders of Hefazat.


Rafiqul Islam Madani’s elder brother Ramzan Mia told a press conference that his brother came to his house after holding a religious meeting at Haluaghat in Mymensingh on Tuesday night. Everyone fell asleep at the end of dinner. At around 2.30 pm, some people in the guise of RAB surrounded their house with about 19 vehicles. Later, Rafiqul Islam Madani, his elder brother Bakul Mia (38) and his distant nephew Enamul Haque (26) were taken away. Later, Bakul Mia was released at night but they did not know the whereabouts of the other two. He claimed that six mobile phones used by Rafiqul Islam Madani and six of his family members were confiscated by the law enforcers.

Central member of Hifazat-e-Islam and principal of Jamia Islamia Hussainiya Madrasa of the district Abdur Qayyum, leader of Hifazat-e-Islam Maulana Asadur Rahman Akand, Maulana Tobaid Qasemi and others spoke at the press conference. Hefazat leaders claimed that Rafiqul Islam Madani was a member of their central committee.

According to local sources, Rafiqul Islam Madani has five brothers. Rafiqul is the youngest. His father was the late Shahabuddin. Madani went to Jamia Islamia Hussainiya Madrasa in Malni area of ​​Netrokona and went to Dhaka. While studying there, he was discussed as a ‘child speaker’.

Rafiqul Madani, a ‘child speaker’, detained, threatened with custody if not released