April 13, 2021


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The mother behind the boy’s killers

The sound of the bell calling in the morning. Jaheda Akhter woke up and opened the door. Two friends of son Zahid standing in front of the door. ‘Where is Aunt Zahid?’ Asked one. Zaheda Akhter said, ‘Why father? Zahid is sleeping. She is in her room. Why do you need him so early in the morning? ’I mean, what did we hear then? Said another young man. Zaheda Akhter said, ‘What did you hear, father! Has anything happened? ’‘ We heard bad news. Do you see if Khalamma Zahid is in the room or not? ’Zahida Akhter’s chest throbbed at the words of the youth. He ran to the boy’s room. Nah, the boy is not in the room! Zaheda called the boy by name. ‘Zahid! Where are you? ’There was no response. Zaheda ran to see if she went to the bathroom. The bathroom door is open. Hey! Where is Zahid? Zaheda kept looking for this house and house.

Zahid’s father Akhter Hossain came running from his room. Hearing this, he also searched. Zahid’s parents want to know what the two young men heard. They told me to go to the hospital. They heard that Zahid had fallen from the roof in the middle of the night. People took him to the hospital. Zahid’s parents were shocked to hear this. Zaheda kept crying and shouting. He doesn’t want to believe. Akhter Hossain and Zaheda Akhter rushed to the hospital to look for the child. He went to the emergency department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital to look for Zahid. But from there it is said, his condition is alarming. His bones were broken when he fell from above. Different parts of the body have been crushed.

Zahid did not survive. He died at the hospital four days later. Holding the body in the trolley, the father and mother shouted. They lost their children.

By contacting the emergency department that morning, they found out that Zahid had been brought in at midnight. He fell from a multi-storey building and was brought in injured. The situation was alarming. But Zahid’s mother does not believe this. One of his words, ‘My polar bear is flying.’ The incident took place on the night of September 29, 2014. Zahid was rescued in a bloody condition from the bottom of a multi-storey building at 18/19 Ganakatuli Lane. Zahid lived in a flat in that house. Akhter Hossain and Zaheda Akhter prepared to file a murder case regarding the death of their son. They went to Hazaribagh police station and told about the case. But the police did not take the murder case. Akhtar Hossain was forced to file an unnatural death case. The case also died there.
But Zaheda Akhter, the mother who lost her son, is not the one to sit. On November 13, 2014, Zaheda Akhter filed a murder case against Milon, Lalu Mia and eight others. The court directed the police station to file a report. Hazaribagh police started investigation. Despite repeated allegations that Zahid had been killed, the police did not take cognizance of it. They continue to investigate like themselves. The police submitted the investigation report. In the report, they say, ‘Zahid left the house in the middle of the night without anyone knowing and went to the roof. At one point, he fell down and was seriously injured. He died four days later. ‘Akhter Hossain and Zaheda Akhter were outraged by the police report. Following their application, the agency investigating the case was changed. Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) started investigation. DB police fell into misery at the beginning of the investigation. The police report contains unnatural deaths, but Zahid’s family alleges it was a premeditated murder. DB does not understand what to do. DB police investigated for about 14 months and reported to the court as unnatural death. The report said, ‘Zahid fell down and was injured. He later died at the hospital. ‘In such a situation, some local youths threatened to kill Zahid’s father. Zahid’s father and mother have accused him of murder. The terrified Akhter Hossain died of a heart attack on June 16, 2015. Even after this, Zahid’s mother did not give up. He moved out of the area with his daughter. He swears in different places. The boy kept going door to door demanding justice for the murder. Rejecting the police and DB police investigation, Zaheda Akhter continued to express her suspicions. In this situation, he expressed his displeasure over the report of DB. Later, on August 22, 2016, the PBI was given the responsibility to re-investigate the case. The case was handed over to PBI inspector Monirul Islam. Two and a half years after the incident, the PBI (Police Bureau of Investigation) started an investigation. The real picture comes out. Zahid’s mother said her son had been killed. The PBI also confirmed that Zahid did not fall from the roof and die, he was killed as planned. The PBI filed a chargesheet against the two on November 30, 2016. The accused are Milon and Lalu Mia, residents of the same area. The Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court issued arrest warrants against the two accused on January 15, 2016. There are allegations that the killers ‘managed’ the police station and the detective police and tried to make Zahid’s murder an unnatural death. The plaintiff in the case, Zaheda Akhter, alleged that the accused were influential. According to the PBI investigation, Zahid and his younger sister Nargis were watching TV at home on the night of the incident. Milon called Zahid around 1 pm. But when Zahid’s mother forbade the boy to go out, Milon called again in the second round. Then Zahid went out quietly. Zahid was later found bleeding near the house. When Zahid was rescued and taken to the hospital, the people of the area came forward but the neighbor Milon did not come. According to the PBI investigation, the allegations have been reviewed, the site has been inspected and the documentary evidence has been reviewed. It is seen that the accused Milon (30) and Lalu Mia (50) beat Zahid in the dark of night and left him unconscious at the gate of Abid’s house in Ganakatuli Lane. These two aIn the light of the allegations brought by the plaintiff against Sami, the offense has been proved under Section 302/34 of the Penal Code. Police said the boy’s killers were identified because of a fighting mother.