July 23, 2021


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The South African type is spreading more in the country

The three most variants of the coronavirus, which spread from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil, are the most contagious, say medical scientists and experts. These three types are suffering more in the world. Of these, the South African type is suddenly spreading more in Bangladesh.

Such a picture emerged in a joint study by the International Center for Diarrhea Research, Bangladesh (ICDDRB), the government’s Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) and the Department of Health.

The updated results of the study were published on the ICDDRB website on Wednesday. It said South Africa-type presence was highest in the country at the moment. The researchers collected samples from 57 Covid-19 patients from March 18 to 24 and analyzed them. Of those, 48 were identified as South African, which is 61 percent of the total number identified in the study. The body of 6 people has been identified as a type of corona spread from the United Kingdom. Other types of corona have been identified in the bodies of the remaining four.

In the previous week, from 12 to 16 March, samples of 99 Covid-19 patients were analyzed and the South African type was identified in the bodies of 74 people. At that time, the type of UK was identified in the bodies of 12 people. Other types of corona were identified.


The type of corona that first spread from the United Kingdom was identified in Bangladesh on 5 January. However, the analysis of the data shows that this type of corona spread in the country in December last year.

The South African type of corona was first identified in the country on February 8, according to the Genomic Research Laboratory of the Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR). Their researchers said samples from the body of a 56-year-old woman in Banani, Dhaka, showed the presence of corona.
According to the Genomic Research Laboratory, this type of South African carries a mutation called ‘N501Y’, which helps it to spread further. Another mutation in the virus, E484K, is even more frightening. It can affect the effectiveness of the vaccine by deceiving the human immune system. As a result, the more this type of corona spreads, the greater the risk of infection.

The South African species was first identified in the country on February 8. A sample collected from the body of a 56-year-old woman in Banani, Dhaka, showed such presence of corona.

In this context, the ICDDRB said yesterday that the presence of the corona type has changed rapidly since the South African type was identified in the country. By the third week of March, other types have been removed and have risen to the top. Hygiene has been warned in this situation.

Meanwhile, the Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF) has so far analyzed the genomes of 175 samples of the virus to monitor the changes and dynamics of coronavirus in the country. At the same time, NextStrain has created a Bangladesh-based open surveillance platform on the website. This platform includes almost all coronaviruses sequenced in Bangladesh.

However, the company says that in the last three months, insignificant samples of coronavirus genome sequences from Bangladesh have been stored in the GSAID database, which is a cause for concern. If the genome analysis of the corona is reduced, it may become difficult to determine its dynamics in the country. As a result, it may be difficult for policy makers to take public health action considering the real situation.