April 13, 2021


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Corona of 110 more people identified in Sylhet

In the last 24 hours, 110 more people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Sylhet. Their corona was identified in the lab of Sylhet Osmani Medical College and Shahjalal University of Science and Technology.

Osmani Medical College Hospital’s PCR lab sources said 35 coronavirus patients were identified in Osmani’s lab on Wednesday. Among them 34 are from Sylhet district and 1 from Moulvibazar district.

Meanwhile, Hamdul Haque, lab in-charge of the corona test at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, said 36 samples were tested at Shabir Lab on Wednesday. The corona of 65 people has been identified.
Among the identified are 24 from Sylhet district, 10 from Sunamganj, 19 from Habiganj and 22 from Moulvibazar district.

Bangladesh lost to Pakistan in 1999 World Cup. Former Bangladesh national cricket team captain Khaled Mahmud Sujon played the biggest role in Bangladesh’s victory. He is currently working as a director of BCB. He will be with the Bangladesh team for the upcoming tour of Sri Lanka as a ‘Team Leader’.

Sujan is working relentlessly in BCB. Yet he is often the victim of time trolls. In an interview, Sujan said, “I think those who do these (trolls) are totally uneducated.” Basically those who are uneducated, who have nothing to say about cricket knowledge; Those who do not know us, do not know about our work, they do these things. A working man does not have these times. I don’t have time to troll, I have to work all day.

Former captain Sujan further said, “You should know before you talk about me. Those who do nonsense, lies, man-made things are unemployed. They have no work. They make people small by doing these things. The son of a decent family cannot write like this, he cannot troll like this. They come from rude, uneducated families. I said straight today. If they have the courage to come and talk to me.