April 14, 2021


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Two Owners Increase Financed for Keeping Tea Restaurant Open After Tea Deadline

Two restaurant owners have been fined Tk 9,000 for keeping restaurants open after a certain period of time in Shibchar, Madaripur. Executive Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan of the Madaripur Deputy Commissioner’s Office imposed the fine on Wednesday (April 6) at a mobile court in different areas of Shibchar Upazila from 4pm to 8:30 pm.

According to sources, the Madaripur district administration has set a deadline for opening shopping malls, shopping malls and hotel restaurants due to the outbreak of coronavirus. But after Wednesday evening, the owners kept the CFC restaurant at the Panchchar bus stand of the upazila and a small restaurant in the old Kawrakandi Ghat area open, ignoring the administration’s restrictions. At this time, they also keep the restaurant open and feed the people. Later, Executive Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan, through a mobile court, fined the CFC restaurant owner Tk 6,000 and a restaurant in the old Kawrakandi Ghat area Tk 3,000 and a total of Tk 9,000.

Executive Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan said the lockdown was going on across the country. In this case, the administration has set a deadline for closing all shops. We have fined 2 restaurant owners. Those who disobey the restrictions of the administration will be brought under the law.
Bangladesh has advanced two steps in the FIFA rankings. As a result, the red-green team has risen from 16th to 184th.

FIFA, the governing body of world football, announced the rankings again after 17 February. Jamie Day’s disciples were ranked 16th in the latest rankings. From there, the red-green representatives have improved two steps.

However, Bangladesh lost to Nepal in the final of the tri-nation tournament on March 29. Nepal’s position has not changed. They are still at number 181. Although Bangladesh has improved in the FIFA rankings, India has lagged behind. One step down, India is now at 105. On the other hand, the position of the top 6 countries remains unchanged.
Myanmar’s ambassador to Britain Kiao Joar Min has been detained at the embassy building. Min alleges he has been told by Myanmar’s junta government that he is no longer in charge. “I’m stuck outside,” he said.

This was reported in a BBC report on Thursday. Speaking to the media about the recent military coup in Myanmar, Kiao Joar-min also claimed that he had been removed from office and locked up in the embassy building for calling on the junta government to release the country’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

He said the deputy ambassador had been removed and given charge of the embassy. He compared the incident to a coup and told reporters that such an incident was undesirable on London soil.
A British Foreign Office spokesman told the BBC the ministry was trying to find out the current status of Myanmar’s ambassador in line with diplomatic policy.

Meanwhile, several sources told Reuters that Jowar Min’s deputy had taken charge on behalf of Myanmar’s military junta and that Min was not being allowed into the building.