April 14, 2021


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Rafiqul Islam Madani got married secretly two years ago!

RAB has arrested Rafiqul Islam Madani, known as an Islamic speaker, on charges of making anti-state and provocative remarks and taunting top people of the state.

He was arrested from his home in Letirkander of Netrokona Purbadhala upazila on Wednesday morning.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the RAB’s law and media wing, confirmed the matter and said preparations were underway to file a case against him under the Digital Security Act. On the other hand, Hefazat-e-Islam has demanded the unconditional release of Maulana Rafiqul Islam Madani.
Earlier on March 25, police arrested Rafiqul Islam Madani in Motijheel area during a procession and vandalism against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka. However, he was released a few hours later.

Sources close to the investigation say that in a recent speech, Rafiqul Islam said, “I believe the president, if he believes in Islam.” The Prime Minister agrees, if he means Islam. He will not accept this Kachu Prime Minister if he goes against Islam.

According to sources, Rafiqul said in the initial interrogation after being arrested by the RAB, “Sir, I was not conscious. I have said because of Jose. Many people say a lot if they are unconscious. ‘However, Rafiqul Islam was anxious to do it again and again in the future. Gazipur Metropolitan Police is preparing to file a case against him at Gachha police station. At the same time, RAB will apply to the Home Ministry to keep the investigation of the case under RAB.

Rafiqul got married two years ago:

Last Tuesday, Rafiqul went to see the bride at Rahimganj in Phulpur of Haluaghat in Mymensingh. The bride’s name is Asma Akhter. However, Rafiqul did not like the bride’s parents. However, it is shocking to learn that Maulana Rafiqul had secretly married Asma Akter, the bride of Haluaghat, at the end of 2019. Asma Akhter is the cousin of his elder brother’s wife Parveen Akhter. Parveen was one of the witnesses of that secret marriage. Rafiqul and Asma’s marriage was not registered. “If necessary, wait 10 years,” he wrote on Facebook Messenger after returning unsuccessfully to visit Asma for the wedding on Tuesday. However, he will officially marry her.

It is known that Rafiqul Islam Madani has five brothers. Rafiqul is the youngest. His father is late Shahabuddin. Madani moved to Dhaka after finishing eighth grade at Jamia Islamia Hussainiya Madrasa in Malni area of ​​Netrokona. While studying there, he was discussed as a ‘child speaker’.

Rafiqul objected not to call a child speaker:

As seen in several of his Waz videos on YouTube, Rafiqul protested the addition of ‘child speaker’ to his name and claimed himself as an adult. He is in the custody of the RAB and he has claimed that his real age is 26. Analyzing the pictures and videos that he has on Facebook and YouTube, it is seen that he looks like a young boy because of his voice, body shape and face.

According to our Netrokona correspondent, Bangladesh Hefazat Islam held a press conference at Netrokona District Press Club Canteen yesterday afternoon and demanded his release.

Rafiqul Islam’s elder brother Ramzan Mia said Rafiqul came home after a religious meeting at Haluaghat in Mymensingh on Tuesday night. When everyone fell asleep at the end of the dinner, some people in the guise of RAB surrounded their house with about 19 vehicles around 2.30 pm. From there, Rafiqul Islam Madani, his elder brother Bakul Mia (38) and his distant nephew Enamul Haque (26) were taken away. Later, Bakul Mia was released at night, but they did not know the whereabouts of the other two.

He claimed that six mobile phones belonging to Rafiqul Islam Madani and six of his family’s mobile phones were confiscated by the law enforcers.

Maulana Abdul Qayyum, member of Bangladesh Hifazat-e-Islam Central Committee and district branch, Rafiqul Islam’s cousin Nazrul Islam, elder brother Ramzan Miah and other leaders of Hifazat-e-Islam were present at the press conference.

Hefazat leaders have said that if he is not released soon, strict action will be taken in consultation with Hefazat’s central leaders. Rafiqul Islam is a member of their central committee.

Hefazat-e-Islam protests:

Hefazat-e-Islam’s organizing secretary Azizul Haque has demanded the release of Rafiqul Islam after his arrest. The statement said Rafiqul Islam, through his Waz, called on the common man to “wake up against injustice, oppression and tyranny” in the name of “love for the country”.

The statement demanded the release of Rafiqul Islam, alleging that he was not brought under the law following the country’s customary law.