April 13, 2021


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A young man was killed in Narayanganj due to a trivial incident

A 25-year-old man was killed in a clash between two groups at Madanpur in Narayanganj’s Bandar upazila. The incident took place in Andirpar area of ​​Madanpur on Wednesday night (April 8). The deceased was identified as Jewel, son of Anwar Miah of the area.

It is learned that Jewel and Sohail were opposed to Tota Mia’s son Alim and Selim in Madanpur. There was a dispute between them due to trivial family incidents in the area. Alim and Selim and other people stabbed Jewel in Madanpur on Wednesday night over the dispute. He later died on the way to the local Baraka Hospital.

Bandar Police Station OC Deepak Chandra Saha confirmed the incident. He said police had been dispatched to the spot. Details will be announced later.
Thursday marks the 12th death anniversary of Monowara Rahman, one of the pioneers of women’s liberation in the country. He breathed his last on this day in 2009.

As the first child of Rajshahi University founder Advocate Mother Bakhsh, Monowara Rahman has followed her father all her life. Later, a prominent political figure of Bangladesh, as the wife of M Ataur Rahman, the Rajshahi District Governor of the Bakshal government of Bangabandhu, the leader of the masses, sacrificed her life for the liberation and prosperity of the masses. Self-sacrificing social and political personalities like them are rare in the history of human liberation.

Monwara Rahman, a loving linguist, has attained perfection in the character of Mother Baksh, the glorious mother of eternal motherhood. She was a tenth class student during the language movement. Monwara Rahman took out a flame procession with the conscious women of Rajshahi and the students of PN Girls School. In student life he was rights conscious. The then Muslim League was vocal against the unjust oppression and repression of the government. After being admitted to Rajshahi College, he became involved in progressive student politics.

The politics of emancipation of the masses was the motto of his life. In 52, 53, 54 Begum Monowara Rahman is a popular name all over the country. For over 40 years, she has made selfless and unique contributions to the development of women’s society, women’s emancipation, women’s freedom, education and eradication of illiteracy.

Rajshahi Press Club and public leader Ataur Rahman Smriti Parishad will distribute improved food among disadvantaged people in Rajshahi to commemorate the death anniversary. The food will be distributed at noon on Thursday at the shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum Ruposh (ra) in the city. After that, a short discussion meeting will be held at Sahebbazar Zeropoint Rajshahi Press Club at 4 pm, said Saidur Rahman, son of the late social worker and president of Rajshahi Press Club.
Mobile courts were conducted in different areas of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) on Wednesday to ensure hygiene to protect the people from coronavirus. The mobile court was conducted in Mirpur Section 14 under the leadership of Saleha Binte Siraj, Regional Executive Officer and Executive Magistrate, Mirpur-10.

At that time, 6 people were fined a total of 600 rupees for walking on the streets without masks. Karwan Bazar area regional executive officer and executive magistrate. Under the leadership of Masud Hossain, a mobile court was conducted in the Mohammadpur Agricultural Market area. At that time, 54 people were fined a total of Tk 5,400 for going out without a mask.

Mobile camps were conducted in Haji Camp and Dakshinkhan Bazar areas under the leadership of Motakabbir Ahmed, Regional Executive Officer and Executive Magistrate, Dakshinkhan Region. During this time, food was served in 5 hotels in violation of the government ban and a total fine of Tk 41,000 was collected for other crimes.
Property Officer and Executive Magistrate. Mobile courts were conducted in the Bhatara region under the leadership of Abdullah Al Mamun. A total of Tk 10,600 was recovered in 8 cases. During the mobile court, the people were made aware of the ban announced by the government. The DNCC’s mobile court will continue to ensure hygiene.