April 13, 2021


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The situation of the government in Lejegobar with the lockdown, the people in distress: BNP

The BNP has mentioned that the government is in a dilemma to deal with Corona in the country. According to the party, there has been a lack of coordination between the two parties over the lockdown. The party’s organizing secretary and acting office secretary Syed Emran Saleh Prince said this at a press conference held at the party’s central office in Naya Paltan on Wednesday afternoon. He said the reality is that neither lockdown nor sanctions are being implemented at the field level due to government mismanagement. On the contrary, due to the contradictory steps of the government, people are more at risk. The situation in Lejegobar is everywhere. People in various hardships.

Emran Saleh further said that those who are making such decisions in the government do not have to worry about salaries, allowances or benefits. But in their decision, the people have to suffer. People today are lost in income, running a family or thinking about the future.
Prolonged traffic jams are proof that neither lockdowns nor bans are being enforced.
The BNP leader said the government had announced a seven-day nationwide lockdown from April 5 to prevent corona infection. Two days of lockdown have passed. The second wave of Kovid-19 has attacked Bangladesh with more force. Basically, the government has not taken any effective and practical steps to deal with the increase in corona infection in Bangladesh since the first week of last month. Since the beginning of March, experts have warned the government to take effective and strict measures, but the government has been busy organizing the festival.

He said the BNP has suspended the golden jubilee of independence and party activities due to coronavirus infection. The BNP has called on the government to take effective steps against Corona by suspending the festival. The government did not listen to that call. Carrying out their activities at normal pace has put people at risk of corona infection. The rate of infection in Bangladesh is increasing at a rocket speed. In the last one month, the infection rate has gone up from 2 percent to 98 percent. There is confusion among the people as there is no coordination among the government ministers regarding the lockdown.

Emran Saleh added that although government ministers have called for a lockdown, high-ranking government officials have said it is not a lockdown, but has been banned in some areas. The government is not taking effective steps to deal with Corona as it is isolated from the people. They have always been indifferent to the plight of the people as they were not elected by the people.