April 13, 2021


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In the middle of the fire, 6 trucks of the ferry with fire and goods were burnt

At least six trucks carrying goods caught fire in the ferry ‘Kalmilata’ which left for Bhola at dawn from Maju Chowdhury Ghat in Laxmipur. However, no casualties were reported.

Ferry passengers said. According to Tanjil, the ferry left Maju Chowdhury Ghat at around 3 am on Wednesday for Bhola. The fire broke out at around 4 pm after crossing Motirhat in Laxmipur and entering the middle river Meghna. At this time the passengers along with the staff took a safe position at the back of the ferry. At one point a fishing trawler comes forward with the help of passengers. Some passengers of the ferry reached Ilisha Ghat in Bhola safely with the help of the trawler.

Tanjil further said that all the trucks except two or three were burnt along with the goods.
BIWTC’s Volar manager Parvez said firefighters rushed to another ferry to contain the blaze. At present the ferry is anchored in Gungunia Char area of ​​Meghna river in Laxmipur.

Two restaurant owners have been fined Tk 9,000 for keeping restaurants open after a certain period of time in Shibchar, Madaripur. Executive Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan of the Madaripur Deputy Commissioner’s Office imposed the fine on Wednesday (April 6) at a mobile court in different areas of Shibchar Upazila from 4pm to 8:30 pm.

According to sources, the Madaripur district administration has set a deadline for opening shopping malls, shopping malls and hotel restaurants due to the outbreak of coronavirus. But after Wednesday evening, the owners kept the CFC restaurant at the Panchchar bus stand of the upazila and a small restaurant in the old Kawrakandi Ghat area open, ignoring the administration’s restrictions. At this time, they also keep the restaurant open and feed the people. Later, Executive Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan, through a mobile court, fined the CFC restaurant owner Tk 6,000 and a restaurant in the old Kawrakandi Ghat area Tk 3,000 and a total of Tk 9,000.

Executive Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan said the lockdown was going on across the country. In this case, the administration has set a deadline for closing all shops. We have fined 2 restaurant owners. Those who disobey the restrictions of the administration will be brought under the law.