April 14, 2021


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Lockdown has been given keeping in mind the safety of the people: Finance Minister

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has said that the lockdown has been given keeping in mind the safety and security of the people to prevent Kovid-19. However, we are always watching to ensure that the people of the country are not harmed, he said.

He was responding to a question from reporters after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Virtual Economic Affairs and Government Procurement chaired by the Finance Minister this afternoon.

Asked if there were any plans to do anything for them as the finance minister, he said, “You know the reasons why we have been given a lockdown.” Those concerned will take action after seeing this. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the safety of the people. It’s not mine, so I don’t want to talk about it. We are always aiming to ensure that the people of the country are not harmed.
“Corona’s incentive packages have been announced by our ministry, but all the packages have been conceived and planned by the prime minister,” he said. He did all that. We have just implemented these on his behalf.

Health Minister Zahid Malek said: When it is necessary to lift the lockdown, the government will take that decision at the right time. If these government guidelines are not followed now, both infection and death in Corona may become uncontrollable in the future.

“The government has announced a lockdown to control Corona,” he said. The Prime Minister has given 18 important instructions. Now work is going on in all parts of the country including the capital Dhaka to prevent corona as per the government instructions. But somewhere in the country there is a movement to lift the lockdown.

The minister said this while inspecting the progress of work of Dhaka North City Corporation Market Hospital at Mohakhali in the capital on Tuesday afternoon.
Zahid Malik said the hospital could be inaugurated in the next two weeks. Besides, there are 1000 more new isolation beds. However, no matter how much the number of beds is increased, if people do not follow the hygiene rules, nothing will come under control. ‘