April 13, 2021


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China is busy keeping an eye on Ladakh, stockpiling troops and weapons

China has withdrawn some troops from the Pangong Range in eastern Ladakh. However, China’s attempts to dominate the Line of Control have not gone unnoticed. It is seen that China is busy stockpiling army and weapons in Ladakh again. According to Indian defense sources, the Chinese army has withdrawn from the north and south of Pangong Lake and its adjoining mountain ravines, but on the other hand, the People’s Liberation Army has started deploying new troops in Gogra, Hot Spring and Depsang Valley. Is also stockpiling weapons.

Meanwhile, there is a Sino-Indian Army Commander-level meeting at the Chusul border tomorrow, Friday. The two countries are going to hold face-to-face talks on this 11 times. This meeting to maintain peace on the border.
It is worth mentioning that in 2013, the Chinese army entered within 18 kilometers of the Ladakh area, and in 2016, when the two countries’ forces were facing each other in Doklam, the Depsang Valley also raised concerns. Source: The Wall.

The risk of another major clash on the Ukraine-Russia border is high after the new shelling. Kiev reported the deaths of two soldiers on Tuesday.

Ukraine has been fighting Russian-backed separatists on its eastern border since 2014. However, the tension has increased in the last few days.

Ukraine alleges Moscow has suddenly increased its military presence on the border. Six years ago, Moscow took control of Crimea from Ukraine in the region. The Western world has expressed concern over Moscow’s activities on the new Ukrainian border. In this situation, the President of Ukraine has demanded the immediate membership of the military alliance NATO.
The United States, the country’s main ally, says NATO will take a coalition decision.

The Israeli military has again launched a missile attack on Syria, but the Syrian missile defense system has repulsed it.

Citing the Syrian military, the state news agency SANA said Israeli missiles were intercepted near the capital, Damascus.

Sana said the missiles were fired by occupying Israel using Lebanese airspace on Thursday morning. However, the Syrian Air Defense Department was able to shoot down most of the missiles.
The sound of a missile being fired from the capital, Damascus, was heard, and the video was released to the Syrian media.

Syrian military sources say four Syrian soldiers were wounded in the attack by the occupying Israelis. In addition, some assets are damaged.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s Al-Manar television reported that Syrian military forces intercepted an Israeli warplane near the Lebanese border.

Syria and Israel are virtually in a state of war. For the past few years, Israel has been launching almost regular missile and air strikes on Syria.