April 15, 2021


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Corona is at increased risk of dementia and depression

Coronavirus infection not only damages the respiratory system, but also increases the risk of mental and neurological disorders such as depression, dementia and paralysis. A team of researchers from Oxford University said this after reviewing the medical documents of five lakh Kavid-19 patients who have been treated in the last six months. Researchers analyzed the data of this large number of patients and tried to find out the risk of developing 14 very common mental and neurological diseases. These 14 diseases include cerebral hemorrhage, Parkinson’s, Gillian-Barry syndrome (a type of flu-like symptom), dementia, psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and more.

Researchers say that one-third of those previously infected with coronary heart disease have new or recurrent mental or neurological problems. However, those who were admitted to a hospital or intensive care unit had a higher level of risk. They believe that this is due to increased stress and the coronavirus directly affecting the brain.

Studies have shown that patients admitted to the hospital for treatment of coronary heart disease suffer from various mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and loss of control over emotions. And after recovery, at least 17 percent of patients suffer from mental and nervous problems. In 44 percent of cases, the problem is long-term. It is more common in critically ill people.

Oxford researchers say 25 per cent of patients admitted to the hospital’s general ward have symptoms of the condition. The rate for coronary patients in intensive care units (ICUs) is 28 percent. And in Corona, 36 percent of patients who become seriously ill and experience frequent loss of consciousness suffer from these mental illnesses.

“Coronavirus damages the body’s respiratory organs as well as the brain,” said Masood Hossain, a neurologist at Oxford University, one of the representatives of the British research team. That’s why patients with the virus suffer from these problems. ‘

Studies have also shown that after recovering from corona, 8% of patients suffer from memory loss or dementia. The rate is 5 percent for critically ill or delirium patients.

However, as the study was observational, the team could not confirm whether Kavid-19 had any role in the cause of these diseases or whether some people suffering from Kavid had suffered a stroke or depression in the next six months due to the virus. Source: BBC.