April 15, 2021


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The joy of returning to the best of Mabiya

Mabia Akhter lifted 149 kg in the 2016 SA Games by combining snatch and clean and jerk. That was enough for the opponent to forget and win gold. But Mabia was not the best. Back in the country, he set a record in inter-service weightlifting by lifting 189 kg. The gold medalist of two SA games has surpassed her own record in this year’s Bangladesh Games.

He has set new records in snatch, clean and jerk and total weight in this year’s weightlifting games in Mymensingh. In all, he lifted 161 kg. The happiest thing for Mabiya is that she has been able to show her best by returning to her preferred weight class. In 2016, he won gold in the 64 kg weight category at the SA Games. In 2019, Mabia did not lose the gold even though she gained that weight and lost 60. However, he knows that he is comfortable in ’84, he has a chance to surpass himself in that weight class.

He has done that fight before this year’s games. There was Corona, the practice was interrupted, but Mabia came so far after that fight. So Corona did not accept the excuse. On the other end of the phone after yesterday’s record, his exclamation was heard, ‘I feel really good. The time was very difficult, in the midst of which I was able to get back to my best, this gold will be so special for me. ‘ Although Humaira lost to Nume Marmar of Bandarban in single kata the day before, this karateka of Ansar won gold in 61 kg crocodile yesterday. His only gold in the SA Games was in Kumite. Another gold medalist from Kathmandu, Marjan Akhter, lost to Kumite in the last national championship to Humaira’s younger sister Jannatul Ferdous. He won the gold of Bangladesh Games by losing that paradise yesterday. Although Hasan Khan did not meet the expectations in the last SA Games, he has maintained his excellence in the Bangladesh Games. The 2010 SA Games gold medalist also won the singles category along with the team category.

The boys’ football gold has been settled in the games tomorrow. Champion Sena defeated Sylhet 2-0 in the final held in Comilla. Emon and Sanjay scored two goals. In cricket, Barindra North Zone lost to Chattala East Zone in the final. Jahangirabad Central and Chandradwip South will meet in the semifinals today. Meanwhile, the army and navy have reached the final of basketball. Popular footballer Mainu Marma has won gold in Taekwondo. He was also contracted to Bashundhara Kings last season. This time, of course, in another team. Taekwondo has been on the rise since the fall of his football career. He has played this game for Ansar before, but this time he got great success. In badminton, Brishti Khatun and Fatema Begum won gold in women’s doubles. The two best girls Shapla Akhter and Elena Sultana are not taking part in this year’s event.