April 14, 2021


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Highest 7626, death on the day of identification 63

The number of patients identified as infected with corona in the country is exceeding the previous record every day. Death is also near. As many as 7,626 people have been identified in the previous 24 hours till 8 am on Wednesday, which is the highest in a single day in the country so far. 63 people died on the same day. The highest number of those who died was 41 or 75 percent in Dhaka division. On the other hand, 63 percent of the 63 dead were over 50 years of age. In this case, experts have called for maximum vigilance in Dhaka, as well as protection for people over the age of 50.

President of Bangladesh Medicine Society and Principal of Mugda Medical College Prof. Ahmedul Kabir said, ‘Dhaka is still the main hotspot, and the elderly are most at risk of death. As a result, everyone has to be careful about these two issues. ‘

On the other hand, the chairman of the Bangladesh Diabetic Association, Prof. Dr. said that the infection is spreading outside Dhaka through people from Dhaka. AK Azad Khan.

Meanwhile, in the regular press release of the Department of Health, it was informed yesterday that a total of 34,630 samples have been tested in the country in the last 24 hours. Of these, 7,626 have been identified as infected with corona. In the same 24 hours, 3,256 people recovered and 63 people died. In all, six lakh 59 thousand 26 people have been identified in the country so far. Of these, five lakh 61 thousand 739 have recovered and 9 thousand 448 have died.

Besides, out of 63 people killed in 24 hours, 39 were men and 24 were women. Among them one is 11-20 years old, three are 21-30 years old, two are 31-40 years old, five are 41-50 years old, 12 are 51-60 years old and 40 are over 60 years old. Among them 41 are from Dhaka division, 10 from Chittagong, four from Rajshahi, two from Khulna, one from Barisal, three from Sylhet and two from Mymensingh. All of whom died at the hospital. The total death toll so far is 7,072 men and 2,365 women. Of these, a maximum of 5,439 people died in the Dhaka division and a maximum of 7,626 people or 61 percent were over 51 years of age. The lowest or 39 or 0.41 per cent were children under 10 years of age and 60 to 0.64 per cent were 11 to 20 years of age.