April 15, 2021


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Disappointment in Tamanna’s eyes even after getting the opportunity to get admission in medical

Tamanna is the daughter of a helpless family crushed by the pressure of poverty. He is the eldest of two sisters. Her full name is Tarzina Akter Tamanna. He has passed the medical college admission test in the current academic year. Tamanna’s merit score is 261.5 and she is ranked 226th in the national merit list. He got admission in Rangpur Medical College. Despite getting the opportunity to be admitted to the medical school, there was a look of frustration on his face. How can his poor father provide so much money for admission and tuition fees? Will Tamanna lose to poverty in the end? Tamanna’s family is now worried and frustrated with her hard work and long cherished dreams.

Tara Mia is the daughter of a poor peddler from Paschim Beldah village in Paikerchhara union of Bhurungamari upazila of Kurigram. Tamanna got GPA-5 in SSC examination from Jaymonirhat High School in 2017 and GPA-5 in SSSC in 2020 from Bhurungamari Women’s Degree College.

Tamanna’s father Taramiya said, ‘I don’t have any land to cultivate except tuku in my house. To run the family, I sell clothes by ferry to different markets in vans. In any case, the family lives on the income that comes with it. There is nothing to save. ‘

He added, “Earlier, I took a loan from NGO RDRS to cover the cost of reading and writing.” The NGO provided a scholarship of Tk 24,000 for 2 years after getting GPA-5 in SSC examination. I admitted the girl to the Retina Coaching Center with that money without spending the scholarship money. A well-known Malaysian expatriate bought a mobile phone for online classes as coaching was stopped in Corona. By the grace of God, Tamanna has also passed the medical admission test. ‘

There is a flood of joy among the family as well as the villagers as they got the opportunity to be admitted to Tamanna Medical College from Ajparagaon after overcoming poverty. But in the midst of so much joy, there has been extreme uncertainty about Tamanna’s admission. How to pay so much for admission? And how to meet the cost of reading and writing for five long years? Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke.

Tamanna said, I was very happy to get the opportunity to be admitted to the medical. But now there is despair in the eyes of those who have lost the euphoria of that joy. Even though I got a place in the merit list in the medical admission test, I am thinking of how to overcome the extreme poverty barrier and write a medical admission.

Tamanna’s mother Laili Begum said they have no land. Only Vite Tukui content. The family somehow survives on the husband’s meager income. Medical admission fee and ancillary expenses require about 90 thousand rupees in cash. Which is impossible for them to supply.

Regarding Tamanna, Khaleduzzaman, president of Bhurungamari Women’s Degree College, said, “Even though the girl is from a poor family, Tamanna is impossibly talented.” We helped him in various ways while he was in college. He urged the rich of the society to come forward so that such a talent would not be lost in the scourge of poverty.