April 15, 2021


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Women bikers on the field to stop corona!

The Dinajpur Women’s Bikers’ Welfare Association has taken to the field in Dinajpur to prevent corona virus. Public awareness rallies in different parts of the city, distribution of masks and greetings to the masked people are raising awareness among the people. These women bikers are going to different places of Dinajpur city on Thursday and raising awareness among people of all walks of life. Dinajpur residents have welcomed such an initiative by the Women’s Bikers’ Welfare Association.

The awareness program was attended by Laila Arju Mand Banu of Dinajpur Women’s Bikers Welfare Association, Setera Begum, Vice President, Rabeya Khatun Ranu, General Secretary, Bilkis, Treasurer, Sumna Sharmin, Publicity Secretary, Nasreen Akhter, Organizing Secretary, Maska Banani, Board Member.

At the time, the speakers said, awareness can protect against coronavirus. It is not possible to get protection from coronavirus without following the hygiene rules. Everyone has to wear a mask when they go out.
On the third day of strict restrictions during the Corona period, the government relaxed public transport in all metros and buses and minibuses took to the streets again. The bus started plying on Wednesday morning but there was not much pressure from the passengers. Even after this, the passengers including the bus driver-assistant could not be seen following the hygiene rules. Though there is talk of bus service with half passengers, it is not being accepted. Although there is a rule to increase the rent by 60 percent, some people are taking double rent.

At around 11 in the morning, a bus of Akash Paribahan was seen in the capital’s Paribagh. Asked about the matter to his assistant, he said, “What will we do if the passengers do not sit down?” Passenger Kafiluddin said, “There is no time to think about Corona.” Speaking to several transport assistants in the Mirpur area of ​​the capital, it is learned that they did not use disinfectants in any of the buses. Abu Alam, the driver of the cantonment transport, said, “There are no passengers. What will happen with the disinfectant?”

Kishoreganj resident said. Sohail traded in raw materials at Bangshal in Old Dhaka. One of his relatives died. For this reason, he came to Sayedabad bus stand around 11 am yesterday to go to the emergency house. He came and saw that the long distance bus was not running. Because of this he fell into disarray. Sohail said, ‘Come and see the bus is not running. I wanted to go by microbus as an alternative. But he wants to rent 600 rupees. I could go by bus with 200 rupees. Let’s go home without going for this reason. ‘

At the same time, Zakir of Chandina in Comilla came to Sayedabad bus stand. He said he came to Dhaka five days ago in search of work. He grew up at a relative’s house in Khilgaon. Last Tuesday night he heard that public transport would run, so he came to Sayedabad. He came and saw that the car was not running. He said, ‘It is possible to go by microbus, but the fare is 600 rupees. If you go by bus, you can go for 60-70 rupees. I think I will go back to my relative’s house again. ‘

No long-distance vehicles were seen plying in Sayedabad area from noon to afternoon yesterday. Again no car is entering the stand. But people from far and wide came to return home. It was seen that a few microbuses and private cars were parked at Sayedabad stand. People in microbuses and private cars are calling passengers to go to different districts. The entire stand has bus parks from different districts.

Meanwhile, an employee of Balaka Paribahan said, “As per the decision of the government, the bus service from Dhaka to Gazipur is being caught in the city service, but when we got out of the car yesterday morning, the people at the Mohakhali bus stand stopped the vehicle.” They did not let him go to Gazipur. As a result, all the vehicles of Balaka Paribahan have been parked at Sayedabad bus stand.

City service buses were supposed to ply in the capital, but did not comply with the ban in the morning. Gabtali, one of the entrances to the capital, was very loose in the morning. However, the strictures started at dawn. Police returned the buses to Savar from before 12 noon in front of Aminbazar Bridge. However, no long-distance bus left the Gabtoli bus terminal since yesterday morning following government instructions.

City service buses carrying passengers from Savar and Dhamrai entered Dhaka early yesterday morning and left Gabtoli for those areas. Savar and Dhamraigami buses carrying passengers were leaving Gabtoli bus terminal till 11:30 am. Police stopped the buses after 12 noon. However, no city service bus was barred from entering Dhaka till then.

A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “We were a bit flexible considering the suffering of the people. However, I see that many buses want to go out of Dhaka. So we don’t have a strict position. And if the buses can’t get out of the capital, then there is no need to control the entry into the capital. ‘

It is learned that many city service buses of the capital travel to various destinations including Gabtali to Savar, Dhamrai, Ashulia, Bypail, Chandra and other destinations. But these buses will not be able to cross Gabtali during the ban.

However, the city service buses have to face obstacles to get in and out of Aminbazar, but they have to take an alternative route. City service buses heading towards Ashulia, Bypile and Chandra have been plying on Mazar Road through Ashulia embankment. It was seen around 2 pm yesterday that the buses of Welcome Transport and Alif Paribahan were going in and out of the capital easily.

Alif Paribahan, a supervisor, said on condition of anonymity: But there are not many passengers. ‘