April 13, 2021


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The fate of hundreds of women changed their hair


The peddlers collect women’s abandoned hair in exchange for various children’s toys, balloons, boot-nuts, food scraps and cosmetics or plastic items and sell them at the hair factory for Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 per kg.

The hair is specially processed in the abandoned hair factory and exported to other countries. Three small and big hair factories have also been set up in Nandail upazila of Mymensingh. The fate of hundreds of women and youths in the area has changed due to the hair processing work in those factories.

It has been learned that Anwar Hossain Enterprise is processing hair in three abandoned hair factories in Garua, Howlapara and Jhalua villages of Achargaon union and Nandail union of the upazila.

It has been seen that the hair purchased from the peddlers is being picked up by the factory workers. After washing them in a special way, some workers are making hair caps by cutting the hair tangles in the cutting machine, while many workers are making hair caps sitting in rows.

This is how cartons are made at the end of processing. These hairs, processed in inches, are sold at Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per kg. The processed hair is going to different countries of Europe including China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, America, India.

Supervising officer (director) of the factory Anwar Hossain said, “Many men and women of the area have got employment in this factory.” Young people in the area with disabilities have found a way to survive.

Several women workers including Swarna Akhter, Khadija Akhter, Urmi and Seema, who joined the factory at the beginning, said that the hair factory was their only source of income.

By working here, they have changed their destiny and put smiles on the faces of family members. Even from the village, I am able to hand over 8 to 10-12 thousand rupees per month to the family, what better luck than this?

Swarna Akhter, who is in the post of supervisor, said, “When her crippled father left the helm of the world, I took the helm of the world by working in that hair factory.” I am getting a good salary.

Ehsan, the manager of the factory, said that in just 6 months, there are more than two hundred workers including artisans working in 3 factories. According to the skills, the workers get a monthly salary of 5 thousand to 15 thousand rupees. These hairs are processed and sent to Dhaka.

Later it was exported to various places. And I am legally working with the workers in compliance with the health rules with government approval. The workers also work here and are happy to get regular pay.

As a result of processing the discarded hair, on the one hand, the environment is not being polluted and on the other hand, the unemployed youth and entrepreneurs of the area are benefiting financially. If government facilities are provided, more unemployed youths will be employed.

Insan Ali, Upazila Social Service Officer, said that the way some people have become self-sufficient by earning money from abandoned things like hair is really commendable.