April 13, 2021


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The price of Roger’s products went up another notch

There is only one week left until the start of the rosary. There is ample supply in the market for the products that are in high demand during Ramadan. Imports and production have also increased. Even then, the prices of almost all types of products, including daily necessities, have started rising since two months ago. Already a few points have been extended. The prices of daily necessities have been increased by one more point from Thursday.

Meanwhile, despite the increase in rice import and production, the prices of all types of rice have been increased again in the last seven days.

Among daily commodities, prices of edible oil, lentils, onions and dates have gone up. Besides, prices of cardamom, dried chillies, garlic and ginger have also gone up. Besides, the prices of all types of vegetables are also on the rise. This information was obtained by visiting different markets of the capital.

Meanwhile, the daily market price list of the government agency Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) on Thursday also revealed the price of these products. According to the TCB, medium quality lentil pulses are being sold at 7.25 per cent, domestic onions at 11.94 per cent, imported onions at 3.18 per cent and dates at 6.36 per cent in the retail market of the capital in seven days. The price of potato has increased by 5.56 percent per kg. Among the edible oils, open soybean oil is being sold at 2.5 per cent per liter, bottled soybean oil at 0.69 per cent and palm oil at 1.14 per cent.

Manzur Mohammad Shahriar, deputy director (deputy secretary) of the National Consumer Rights Protection Department, said the country has adequate stocks of products. There is no shortage of supply in the market. So there is no question of price increase. The department is strictly monitoring the market across the country. Dishonest people are being punished as soon as they get evidence of manipulation. No one is being exempted.

He warned that if anyone raises the price of goods around Ramadan, the relevant institutions will be sealed if necessary. Meanwhile, after visiting Nayabazar, Karwan Bazar and Malibagh raw bazaars in the capital and talking to buyers and sellers, it was learned that medium quality lentil pulses were sold at Rs 80-90 per kg on Thursday as against Rs 75-75 per kg seven days ago. Open soybean in edible oil has been sold at Rs 125 per liter. Seven days ago, the price was 121 rupees a liter. Five-liter bottled soybeans were sold at Rs 730 to Rs 650, up from Rs 620 to Rs 750 seven days ago. Domestic onion has been sold at 40 rupees per kg. Seven days ago it was 35 rupees per kg. Last week, ordinary quality dates were sold at Tk 120 per kg, but on Thursday they were sold at Tk 150, up by Tk 30. TCB is selling lentils, onions, edible oil and gram at lower prices to keep the prices of the products stable in the market. Buyers have flocked to various places in the capital to buy TCB products. TCB spokesman Humayun Kabir said they would also sell dates at lower prices on the occasion of Ramadan from Saturday.
Meanwhile, the price of rice in the retail market of the capital has been increased by another point. On this day, per kg Miniket rice was sold at 65 to 7 rupees, which was 74 to 75 rupees per kg seven days ago. Pajama rice has been sold at Rs 60 per kg, which was Rs 57 per kg seven days ago. Gold in coarse rice is being sold at Tk 52 per kg, which was Tk 48 seven days ago.

Didar Hossain, owner and retailer of Khalek Rice Agency in the capital’s Malibagh raw market, said the price of rice was not being curbed in any way. Millers are increasing the price of rice. This is having an impact on the retail market if the wholesale market increases. However, if the price of rice rises at a rate that is increasing at an alarming rate, consumer confidence will increase. So the government has to take action now. Talking to retailers, it was learned that cardamom has been sold at a maximum of Rs 3,000 per kg among spices, which was Rs 3,000 seven days ago. Dried chillies are being sold at a maximum of Rs 300 per kg. Seven days ago it was 260 rupees. Imported garlic was sold at 120 rupees per kg, which was 110 rupees seven days ago.