April 14, 2021


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Long-distance passengers have difficulty on the way

Hot afternoon. It was half past one. The gentleman and his family have been standing on the north side of Tongi Bridge since 9 am. Still could not make any speed to go. Even if one microbus after another comes to the fore, it is impossible to reach the destination with the fare they are charging. Said Matiur Rahman. He is sitting with a total of 15 members including men, women, children and old people of the house. After a few minutes, everyone gets up and shakes the dust. Sending a young man from the family to look for a microbus. The young man is coming back again and again giving the news of frustration. The old woman and her three children are tired.

Long-distance passengers have difficulty on the way

Matiur’s home is Gafargaon in Mymensingh. He has a small business locally. He came to Birulia near Dhaka on April 4 to attend a pre-arranged wedding with his family. Came on the bus. Long-distance travel is closed from April 5. He was trapped with his family in Dhaka. Unable to return home, business is closed and empty houses are locked. He finally left on Thursday. Arrived at Tongi Bridge around 9 am. Talked to five microbus drivers till half past noon. Everyone demanded a fare of Tk 900 per person from Tongi Bridge to Gafargaon Bazar. As such, the rent comes to 13,500 rupees. Matiur said, “I don’t know what to do now. If it is too late, it will be night.” It is impossible to go with so much money again. I have only six thousand rupees. ‘

Hundreds more passengers were seen on the north and south sides of the Tongi Bridge. Some of them will go to Bhaluka, some to Kaliakair and some to Katiadi in Kishoreganj. Some of them are going to Gazipur by BRTC or other buses. Then they will try to reach the destination by other vehicles.

The same situation can be seen on the slope of Aminbazar bridge across Gabtali. Several passengers are standing to go to the destination. A middle-aged man named Musabbir is standing to go to Elenga in Tangail. He came out after hearing the news of his cousin’s death. In the end, he rented a motorcycle for two thousand rupees and set off.

The number of long-distance passengers in different parts of the capital was higher than before yesterday. Due to the closure of long distance transport, they have to spend extra money on various alternative routes to reach their destination.

Hygiene in public transport Less care: In order to control the corona infection, the public transport was operating on the condition of carrying half the passengers and increasing the fare by 60 per cent as per the 16-point recommendation announced by the government. Due to the special ban in the form of lockdown, all public transport was stopped from April 5. Two days later, public transport was launched in the metropolis. Even though there are less passengers, the fare is being taken 60 percent more. However, there is indifference in following the hygiene rules. No bus is using disinfectant, even though there are less passengers, they are being placed in every seat. Most of the people involved in bus management do not have face masks, the same is true of passengers. BRTC buses are the most indifferent in terms of hygiene.

Although the number of passengers in the capital is less, this picture changes after the buses leave the city and reach the border of Gazipur and Narayanganj. At this time, the overflowing crowd of passengers can be noticed in every bus. Passengers are taken to every seat, even standing on some buses.

A BRTC bus from Kamalapur to Gazipur was seen picking up passengers from the north side of Tongi Bridge at around 1pm yesterday. Passengers on all the seats on the second floor and on the second floor. Passengers are being picked up while standing in the bus. There is no Joe to step on the bus. Asked to speak to the bus driver, he said, “Talk to senior officials.”

Bus passenger Mashiur Rahman said, ‘Brother, this bus must be crowded. Because I’m going to be a bear. I will get off this bus at Gazipur. Stayed a little ahead. I will go to Gazipur and take another vehicle to Bhaluka. ‘The Himachal transport from Mirpur to Narayanganj in the capital also saw an overflowing crowd of passengers. Asked why the bus driver did not follow the hygiene rules, he said, “If all the buses are opened, we will not get such passengers, so I am earning some money.”

Additional passengers are being carried on all BRTC routes including Mirpur to Gulistan, Gabtali to Gulistan, Gulistan to Jatrabari, Kamalapur to Badda and Uttara. No disinfectant is being used on any bus. The rent is being taken extra.

A Turag Paribahan bus from Gulistan to Uttara stopped at around 11 am. In addition to each seat of the bus, passengers are carried standing. Driver Abul Kalam and the passengers complained about taking passengers standing and not following the hygiene rules. The driver said, ‘No one takes our sanitizer.’ Passenger Samsuddin said, ‘Look, do they have any sanitizer on the bus? They have taken more fare and have picked up passengers on the way without accepting our obstacles. ‘

Asked about hygiene in the Abdullahpur area of ​​Uttara, Rajdhani Paribahan driver Mofizul Islam said, “If you ask us a question, I can’t answer. If the company owners don’t give me disinfectants, will we buy them with our own money?” More, less on any bus. However, in case of non-compliance with hygiene rules, the picture of all buses is the same.