May 19, 2021


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Our fight is not against Alem Samaj or Madrasa students: SM Kamal

Awami League organizing secretary SM Kamal Hossain said the current Hefazat leadership is not the custodian of Islam. They are the agents of BNP-Jamaat. Our fight is not against the Alem Samaj or the general Madrasa students.He said that those who have carried out terrorism and violence by harassing the respected Alem Samaj and innocent Madrasa students. The leaders and workers of Awami League have to form a united resistance against them.He said this while exchanging views with the leaders and workers of Rajshahi division at the office of Awami League president in Dhanmondi this afternoon in compliance with the health rules.
SM Kamal Hossain said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had allocated Tk 122 crore during the first phase. The imam of the mosque, Qawmi, has paid more than Rs 16 crore for the madrasa. Has built 560 modern mosques across the country. But today the people of Bangladesh have to build resistance against the villains like Mamunul Haque who are implementing the agenda of BNP-Jamaat in front of these Alem Samaj and Kamalmati Madrasa students. Because they are actually speaking against the freedom of the liberation war to question the golden jubilee of independence and the year of Mujib. Not only the opponents of Bangabandhu are taking a stand against the sculpture of Bangabandhu, they are opposing independence. Because Bangabandhu and independence are one and the same word.

SM Kamal Hossain said, “Today, the question for those who are sabotaging and anarchy centering on the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is that when Modi became the Prime Minister of India in 2014, the four-party alliance with which Mamunul Haque was a partner, the BNP celebrated.”

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The committee has recommended a ‘complete lockdown’, especially in city corporations and municipalities. He said he would make a new decision considering the rate of infection before the end of the two weeks of lockdown. The committee believes that the 18 guidelines on public health to increase coronavirus infection and mortality are not being followed properly, so “restrictions need to be strictly followed.”

The Ministry of Health is trying to increase the number of beds, ICU facilities and oxygen supply, the statement said, adding that the capacity of hospitals needs to be increased rapidly as the pressure on hospital admissions is increasing. It was also informed that the DNCC hospital will be opened within the next week. The committee says a large portion of those who come to test for coronavirus are migrants. According to the committee, it is necessary to consider sending non-immigrant working people abroad to private laboratories for testing. This will ensure isolation by providing patients with tests and reports quickly, which is important for infection control. The National Technical Advisory Committee on Cavid-19 noted that vaccination activities in the United Kingdom have yielded good results. In order to make the vaccination program successful in Bangladesh as well, it is recommended to emphasize on private import to ensure the supply of vaccines.

Restrictions on how they are now: Roads, railways, shipping, domestic flights are closed from April 5. However, the ban does not apply to public transport, production and services. This is also not applicable to foreign and returning passengers. However, despite the ban, public transport has been allowed in the metros since last Wednesday. Law and order and emergency services (gas, electricity, fire service, telephone, internet) will work, their transportation is going on. All government, semi-government, autonomous office-courts are only doing emergency work. They have their own transport. Factories, construction work in progress. Industrial workers are being brought and taken under their own management. BGMEA, BKME have been asked to make field hospitals for workers. From 6 pm to 6 am, there is no way to go out of the house except for urgent matters (buying medicines, daily necessities, burial, funeral). Food can be bought from food shops. Eating arrangements cannot be made while sitting in the shop. Shopping malls are closed, but shopping can be done online. The raw material market is open from 8 am to 4 am. The banking system is limited. However, shopping malls and markets have been opened since yesterday. It has been said that the Armed Forces will set up a limited field hospital in Dhaka. Strict action will be taken against those who disobey the order, the notification said. However, there has been a slackening in the enforcement of restrictions.

Book fair to be closed in lockdown: State Minister for Culture KM Khalid has said that the book fair will be closed from April 14 if an ‘all-out lockdown’ is declared. He confirmed this information to the media yesterday evening. As such, the Bangla Academy has to finish the book fair one day before. Due to the Corona epidemic, the 36th edition of the Amar Ekushey Book Fair started on March 18 instead of February. The fair is scheduled to run till April 14. But to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the government decided on an “all-out lockdown” from April 14. State Minister for Culture KM Khalid said, “The book fair will be closed once the lockdown starts.” There is no chance to keep the fair open if there is a complete lockdown. ‘