May 19, 2021


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Corona control does not match the effective results

On Sunday, the seventh day of the government-announced ban on coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, people moved everywhere without heeding the hygiene and restrictions. According to health experts, the implementation of the ‘lockdown’ has not taken the right steps to prevent the coronary infection is not effective.

Meanwhile, the ‘lockdown’ that started on April 5 was supposed to end on April 11. However, a government notification yesterday extended the lockdown on April 12 and 13. The overall activities of the country will continue in the same manner on these two days. Despite the ‘lockdown’ announced by the government, the government opened public transport in the city corporation area on April 8 and a shopping mall on April 9 in the face of the movement of workers and traders owning public transport. And with the opening of public transport, on April 7, Uber Ride (excluding motorbikes) started sharing. After that, even though there was a nominal ‘lockdown’, the situation in the cities of the country was as usual. In this situation, there was traffic jam on the road and thousands of people in the market.

Analysis of infection and death rates in the last one week has shown that the number of corona infections and deaths in the country has increased even during the lockdown. According to the Department of Health, the number of corona patients in the country on April 4 was 7,006. 53 people died on this day. On April 5, the day the ban began, there were 85,065 people infected and 52 dead. Last Sunday, 5,619 people were infected and 6 people died.

According to health officials, the last seven days of ‘lockdown’ have not seen much improvement in corona attacks and deaths. An analysis of the corona infestation and mortality over the past week has shown that the mortality rate has increased, albeit slightly reduced. And one of the reasons for the low incidence of coronary heart disease in a few days is that thousands of people with coronary heart disease are not getting the opportunity to be tested. They are of the opinion that the number of infected people would have increased if these patients had been examined.

Turning to the spot and talking to the concerned people, it is learned that on Sunday, the normal movement of people was observed in the metropolis and everywhere of the country including the capital. Intense traffic jams on the roads, overcrowding of people in the raw market and market have been noticed. No one cared about restrictions and hygiene. And since April 14, there has been a hint of an all-out lockdown, with workers, low-income people and ordinary people coming for medical treatment returning.

It is also learned that severe traffic jams and overflowing crowds have been observed on the roads of the capital including Dhanmondi, Sciencelab, Mirpur Road, Kawran Bazar, Panthapath, Paltan, Banglamotor, Gulshan, Uttara, Kuril, Gabtali, Sayedabad, Mirpur. And coronavirus infection control has been found to be extremely disregarding ongoing restrictions and hygiene. The movement of vehicles, markets, shopping malls and the free movement of people on the roads did not seem to have any restrictions in the country. Long traffic jams have also been seen on traffic signals in Dhaka. Some are rushing to work, many are seen wandering outside without a need.

Talking to Imran Hossain, a resident of Jatrabari at Paltan corner. He said, “Whether the office is locked or not, today I have to go to three places for office work. I will listen to the office, or ‘lockdown’ man. ”

Talking to Borhan Uddin in Maghbazar. He said the government is planning a strict lockdown from the 14th. That is why I am making emergency preparations. Meanwhile, a large line of customers has been seen in front of various banks. Hundreds of people were seen leaving the capital Dhaka through the Gabtoli and Sayedabad bus terminal areas yesterday. As public transport is closed, people have been seen leaving Dhaka to their respective destinations on motorbikes, private cars, microbuses, trucks and pickups. Some of them are workers, some are employees whose offices are closed, some of them have come to Dhaka for treatment, are leaving due to holidays. And some are moving to their village homes for fear of a long vacation. Because, they think that even if the government announces a one-week lockdown from the 14th, its duration can be gradually increased. That is why they are going to the village to spend this holiday with their loved ones. Police and law enforcers have been keeping a close watch on the entry and exit routes of Dhaka due to the ban on public transport. However, the police are not obstructing the movement of people in private cars, microbuses and trucks due to logical and humanitarian reasons. On Sunday, many people from Gabtali and Sayedabad areas were seen walking from Dhaka to their respective destinations. The level of suffering of the people who left Dhaka with the sick, the elderly, women and children was much higher.

In the Gabtoli bus terminal area, he talked to Monwar Hossain, a resident of Shyamnagar in Satkhira. “My father broke his leg in a road accident,” he said. I was admitted to the cripple hospital before the lockdown. I am going to the village now as it is a holiday. I am trying to go now as the ambulance is more expensive. I do not know what God will do?

Talking to Emon Hasan of Comilla on the road in front of Sayedabad bus terminal. He said, I work in a private hospital in Dhaka. The office is closing due to lockdown. For this reason I am going to the village instead of Dhaka. Because the rice is growing, I will do some work at home. Besides, wife and son live in the village. You can spend time with them. Have your own personal motorbike. I can go slowly.

In the context of the government’s ongoing ‘lockdown’, city expert M. Enamul Haque told Jugantar that the way the government is implementing ‘lockdown’ in controlling corona infection is not working. In this situation, Sufal Miller is not talking. Because it’s health

Not in the light of the recommendations of experts. The government is imposing restrictions on itself and lifting them. It also has a hard reality.

“It is difficult to implement ‘lockdown’ in our country,” he said. If it was possible to ensure health by keeping everything in order, it would be good for everyone. But hard working people, day laborers and workers do not want to accept this. Here the question of their livelihood is involved. Considering the overall issue, I think the government needs to give special importance to ensure health.