May 19, 2021


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Syndicate’s paw on TCB products: Mirza Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the government agency TCBE had increased the prices of daily necessities this Ramadan. As always, the syndicate has increased the price. There was always an increase in prices but there was an attempt to control it. But now it is not seen.

He said this at a press conference at Khaleda Zia’s office in Gulshan on Tuesday afternoon.

Mirza Fakhrul said that earlier during Ramadan, TCB used to control the prices of goods and try to limit the purchases of the common man. This time TCB has increased the price of the product. The BNP secretary general also alleged that the prices of all products have been increased ahead of Ramadan. He said that the prices of vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, dates, everything are now out of the purchase limit.

He said the government had announced before the 2008 elections that it would feed 10 rupees per kg of rice. And now everyone knows the price of rice. They also took an initiative for this, but the people of Awami League and not the common people got the benefit of it. The BNP leader said the government has no activities for the welfare of the people as it was not elected by the people. They do not care about the welfare of the people.

Fakhrul said the government has created an ineffective shutdown in the name of lockdown. What’s the lockdown? Thousands of people are leaving Dhaka at launch, bus and train stations. These people are leaving the city due to lack of work and food security.

In response to a question, the BNP secretary general said, “We are not opposing the lockdown, we are saying that it is an invalid shutdown.” That’s the way it is. The garment factory is keeping it open, while the bank is keeping it closed. Basically there is no coordination in the work of the government, there is no plan. There is no roadmap. There are no instructions on what will happen after the seven-day lockdown.

The BNP secretary general complained that the government has no control over the administration, including the administration, due to the extreme level of corruption in the government. Fakhrul said the people of BNP, who were big businessmen, have all become destitute due to the misrule of Awami League in the last few years. This is a sad picture all over the country. Those who ride motorcycles in Dhaka city come from the village hoping for a little income. Today their way of income is closed.

He said the government was capitalizing on what it had done on March 26 and was using it as a tool to wipe out the opposition. In the midst of this lockdown, the opposition is suppressing people of opinion. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but the government is passing one law after another to suppress dissent.

Commenting on the fact that no government could survive with its position against the people, he said that such a precedent is nowhere in history. This government will not be able to survive. We once again call for the return of the people’s right to vote and democratic rights. No one could survive by depriving the people of their rights.

Regarding Khaleda Zia, Fakhrul said, people all over the country are praying for Begum Zia. We are all praying for her to recover quickly. We always want the unconditional release of Khaleda Zia.

“We have always said that a national committee is formed to deal with the coronavirus, consisting of all political parties, NGOs and civil society,” he said. The government is not doing that. Because if they do that, their looting and corruption will stop.

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