May 19, 2021


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Traffic jams on the streets of Dhaka and the pressure of homebound people

Traffic jam on the roads of the capital on Tuesday. There is congestion of buses, private cars, CNG-powered autorickshaws, motorcycles and other vehicles. In addition, many have been seen leaving Dhaka. Most of the passengers are going by pickup van and truck. The traffic police say that there will be no work for the people working in the lockdown. Many offices are closed. So many are leaving Dhaka and going home. Due to this, the traffic pressure is higher in the last two days than other times.

There was a traffic jam on the streets of Dhaka on Monday. Crowds of homebound people from Dhaka were also on the streets. An ‘all-out lockdown’ is starting across the country from tomorrow. The previously announced lockdown continues until this evening.

Traffic jams have been reported in Dhaka’s Mohammadpur, Farmgate and Karwan Bazar areas. Passengers were standing in a long line for vehicles in front of the BRTC depot in Mohammadpur. The passenger line has spread to the sidewalk.

Although half of the passengers were supposed to be picked up in the public transport, some of the passengers in the public transport have stopped. Due to lack of vehicles, many people have left for their destination on foot.
Employee Firoz Fatema was rushing to get on the Bangla Motor bus from Mohammadpur bus stand. “I’ve been running for a long time,” he said in the first light. I can’t get in the car. ‘

Traffic jams and pressure of homebound people on the streets of Dhaka
Ashraful Alam (Tito)
Mostafa Sarwar traveled from Mohammadpur to Gulshan office. “I didn’t get as much trouble going to the office in the last two days as I did in the last two days,” he said.

Mostafa Sarwar added, “I have been standing in the same place for 20 minutes. There are cars, but not going up. CNG-powered autorickshaws and bikes are also not available. I am getting one or two, but the rent is much higher. ‘

Traffic jams and inability to get on public transport also delay the arrival of many at offices or destinations.

A man working for a private company in Karwan Bazar told Prothom Alo on condition of anonymity, “I have come through Panthapath. Sitting at the caravan market signal is annoying. I left home just in time. But even after coming by CNG, it was 45 minutes late to enter the office. ‘
The traffic police is also struggling to cope with the traffic on the road.

A traffic officer in charge of the DMP told Prothom Alo on condition of anonymity that the DMP area is up to Gabtali in the north-western part of Dhaka. But there is also vehicle pressure outside the DMP area. For this reason, traffic police has been sent from DMP. Yet the pressure is not going to be handled.

The traffic police official said, “There is no work in the lockdown. So many are going home. There is also the issue of shopping for Boishakh and Eid. All in all, the pressure is two days longer than usual. ‘