September 26, 2021


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Federer announces it ahead of the Qatar Championship: Ready to Challenge

veteran Swiss star, Roger Federer, announced his great readiness to return to the tennis championships, after a long break from the stadiums, as a result of the strong injury he suffered a

the beginning of last year, where he is scheduled to participate in the Qatar Open Tennis Championship, which begins at the beginning of next week.

The veteran Swiss star posted on his official account on the social networking site “Twitter” a picture showing Roger Federer smiling, to comment by saying: “The last training befor traveling. Ready for the challenge and I feel strong,” indicating his readiness to participate in the Qatar Open Championship (category 250 points).

The 39-year-old was absent from the stadiums for more than a year, after suffering a severe injury in the Australian Open 2020 tennis tournament, which made Roger Federer undergo knee surgery and enter a long treatment program, so that he can return again.

It is noteworthy that the Swiss star Roger Federer announced a few days ago that he would withdraw from the Miami Masters Championship, which will be held in the United States of America, on the twenty-fourth of this month, until the fourth of next April.

  A team from the “Public Prosecution” moved on Friday evening at 8:30 p.m. to inspect the scene of an accident that hit a minibus on Al-Kuraimat Road towards Cairo, Upper Egypt. The Public Prosecution confirmed that eighteen people died and five were injured as a result of the accident, as another team moved to Al-Ayyat, Atfih and Beni Suef hospitals to discuss the bodies of the deceased and ask the injured, and the transport vehicle driver was caught and is being questioned and investigations are being completed to determine the circumstances of the accident and how it happened. The rescue operations room received a notification of an accident on the eastern desert road near the Al-Kuraimat Gate towards Beni Suef, and it was found that a truck loaded with sand (the child) collided with a microbus 5 km from the gate, and ambulances transported the victims and the injured to hospitals.  


Without any study in the field of arts, Ahmed Tarkhan from the Tahta Center in Sohag governorate dazzled the pioneers of social networking sites by carving a lion similar to the statue of the Qasr al-Nil Bridge, as he was impressed with its very fine details as he passed by it with his boss at work, so he asked him automatically at that time about the maker of this statue, to answer him that he was the sculptor The French  scientist, Henri Jacquemard, then the twenty- year-old felt a strong desire to make a copy of this statue. With ingenuity and mastery, the 24-year-old and a graduate of the craftsman’s diploma was able to make a lion similar to the statue of the Qasr al-Nil Bridge by checking many pictures of the statue only within a period not exceeding a month  in the Tahta City Cultural Palace  with the help of its chief at work, Engineer Nabil Shehata, who believed in his talent and decided to support him in The iron structure of the statue was made, and the rest of the materials were made of Aswan clay.

As for the difficulties faced by Ahmed, the artist of discussion and pharaonic rocks, the most prominent of which were: “Negative comments, especially from extremists through social media, that what he does is forbidden, in addition to that he is not a student of sculpture, but God has blessed him with the talent and is trying to develop it according to what is currently available to him,” explaining that he overcame Difficulties by persistently proving himself and that he can create beautiful sculptures without being academically aware of their origins. Ahmed confirms that the statue came out with many beautiful details that make it very similar to the statue of the Lion Bridge, Qasr al-Nil, in Cairo Governorate, directing: “It is not a requirement for me to be a student because I sculpt a beautiful statue, especially since I work from my childhood all the time and I don’t have time to study, and it has many buried talents. Because she was judged by the study and only, she may have had responsibilities that you did not allow her to study, but for sure, with any chance she can prove herself very much.  

Ahmed adds that he is a professional in making murals from cement and gypsum as well as drawing portraits, in addition to working many leather and cardboard bags, concluding: “I have great energy, and my soul is very exploited. Clay is for gypsum, but the issue will take time to cost, and finally my dream is to spread the culture of art in every city and center in Egypt more and more and degrade it in the fields with a professional choice of it.