May 19, 2021


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Kidnapping in the description of the micro driver

The microbus used by the RAB members for the abduction was rented for Rs 5,000. There was an agreement with the driver, he has to come to the RAB headquarters around 10 am. He was told to go for a walk around 300 feet of Bashundhara with some friends. However, while driving the microbus, he gradually realizes that the car was hired to kidnap someone. Sumon Mia, the driver of the microbus, said this in the first light on Monday. He added that five people wearing RAB uniforms and Ronnie (Corporal) wearing red T-shirts got into his microbus from the RAB headquarters in Uttara at 10 am on Thursday. He witnessed the whole abduction and ransom demand till he was arrested by the police at Hatirjheel in the capital at 10:30 pm. After interrogation, the police released him. He then testified in court last Sunday as an eyewitness to the incident.

While driving the microbus, Sumon Mia gradually realizes that the car was hired to kidnap someone.
Police arrested three RAB members, an Air Force corporal and a woman on Thursday night in connection with the kidnapping of Tamir Hossain, a resident of Hatirjheel area, and demanded ransom from his family. The accused in the case are Lance Corporal Dulal Mridha working in the operations wing of the RAB headquarters, a soldier working in the intelligence wing. Rokon Mia, a soldier working in the investigation and forensic department. Sea, Air Force Lance Corporal. Roni and Ranu Begum, residents of Sharankhola in Bagerhat.

Police officials said Rakib, a soldier in the intelligence wing of the RAB headquarters, Sepai Mubarak of the operations wing and another man named Rakib, who were involved in the abduction, were still at large.

Sumon Mia, the driver of the microbus, said in the first light about the abduction, Air Force Corporal Md. He is introduced to Ronnie. That day Ronnie offered him tea, talked to him and took his mobile number with him when he left. After that there was no communication. Ronnie suddenly called him around 8:30 last Wednesday night. That’s when the issue of renting a microbus was settled. Sumon Mia said that the next day (Thursday) at 10:15 am he reached the pre-determined place. Ronnie first got in the car around 10 o’clock. Shortly afterwards, five more people got up after wearing RAB uniforms.

Sumon said he was asked to go to the New VIP restaurant behind Rajlaxmi Market. After going there, others except him went inside the restaurant. After two or three minutes they came out of there. There were four more (including a woman). After boarding the microbus, the two were handcuffed and their eyes were tied with towels. Later he came to know the names of the two as Tamjid and Iqbal. As soon as he started driving the microbus, the two were beaten and threatened with crossfire. He was listening to them.

At one stage, RAB members told Sumon to go 300 feet towards Bashundhara. Upon reaching there, four RAB members, the woman (Ranu) and another (Rakib) got down. The microbus then stopped for about 10 minutes. The six then returned and got into the car and were told to drive, but no one told them where to go. At one point he heard Ranu asking someone to pay two crore rupees on the phone and various things continued.

Sumon said the RAB members threatened to present Tamjid as a criminal in front of the media at one stage of the conversation. Just then a private television car was behind their microbus. At that time, they also threatened to remove Tamjid’s nails. The whole time he was driving a microbus in different roads, Rupganj and surrounding areas within 300 feet area. In the evening, two RAB members (Ronnie and Rokon) got out of the car to fetch money from Tamjid’s family. Then they stood at the head of 300 feet next to Kuril Biswaroad. Shortly afterwards, RAB members came to know that Ronnie and Rokon had been caught. He was then asked to take the microbus to the RAB headquarters. He stopped at a Laguna stand on the road to Baunia, near the headquarters. Three people got out of the car there. Then he was told to go to Hatirjheel. Police arrested them soon after they came to the Madhubag Bridge.


RAB spokesman Commander Khandaker Al Moin told Prothom Alo last night that an investigation was underway against the arrested members. The RAB is said to have two more fugitives. It will be known after investigation whether they are members of RAB or ordinary people.

Police said the two went to fetch ransom money from Tamjid’s sister. One of them is Ronnie and the other is Rokon. They got off the microbus in a 300-foot area and took a CNG-powered autorickshaw to the Jamuna Future Park area. Tamjid’s sister Rayana Hossain was waiting there. The driver of the autorickshaw used by the two, Ayub Ali, also testified on Sunday. Besides, Iqbal Hossain, a close associate of his family who was abducted along with Tamjid, also mentioned the whole incident in his statement given in the court (Sunday).

Meanwhile, Ranu Begum, an associate of the abducted RAB members, gave a statement in court yesterday after being questioned by the police on a two-day remand. He was then sent to jail. According to the police, the RAB members including Ranu are members of the same gang.