May 19, 2021


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Chinese warplanes flew over Taiwan

Chinese defense forces have entered Taiwan’s skies with a record number of warplanes. Taiwan said the incident happened on Monday. This is the largest Chinese incursion into the country this year. The British media reported on the BBC.

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, China entered its so-called Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) with 25 aircraft, including warplanes and nuclear bombers.

The largest military strike in Taiwan this year came after the United States warned against China’s “increasingly aggressive attitude.” China sees Taiwan as a separate province. But under a democratic government, Taiwan claims to be a sovereign state.

Taiwan said the latest Chinese operation involved 16 fighter jets, four bombers carrying nuclear weapons, two submarine destroyers and one warning aircraft.

The incident comes a day after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkon issued a warning to China. Blinkon said the United States is concerned about China’s increasingly aggressive actions in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s defense ministry also said it was sending warplanes to warn Chinese military aircraft and deploying missiles for surveillance.

For months, it has been operating regular warplanes over the international waters between the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea and the southern part of Taiwan. Monday’s incident also occurred in the airspace in southwestern Taiwan, near the islands.
Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi
Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi profile pictures
On the eve of India’s rise to become the second country in the world to surpass Brazil in terms of infection, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop ‘event gambling’. He said that immediately stop the export of Corona vaccine and provide financial assistance to the unemployed poor brothers and sisters.

Today, on Monday, India overtook Brazil as an infection. 1 lakh 6 thousand new infections were detected in the previous 24 hours from Monday morning. As a result, the total number of infected people in India reached 1 crore 35 lakh 26 thousand 718. A total of 1 crore 34 lakh 62 thousand 23 infected in Brazil. The United States is number one, the infection is 3 crore 12 lakhs.

To address the situation, India’s expert committee on covid on Monday cleared Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine. With the permission of the Drug Controller General of India, Sputnik-V will be India’s third vaccine after Covishield and Covacin. Dr. Reddy’s is making this vaccine in India. It is currently undergoing tests on the third stage of human body. According to official sources, five more vaccines will be released between June and September. Apart from Sputnik-V, the other vaccines are Johnson & Johnson, NovaVax, Zydus Cadila and Bharat Biotech’s Intranjal

How much worse the situation in India may be in the coming days — no one has that calculation at the moment. Randeep Guleria, director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, just said the second wave was much more terrifying. Indicating how terrible it is, he said, the new type of corona is infecting 80-90 percent. Daily records of infections and deaths are constantly breaking. But in this situation, thousands of people are bathing in the Kumbh Mela at Haridwar in Uttarakhand after learning all the prohibitions! The BJP government in the state has allowed the baths, ignoring the fears of experts. There is no idea how to pay for this gathering of millions of people.

There is also the idea of ​​what stage the daily transition will reach once the five-month-long five-state vote is over. West Bengal polls will end at the end of April. The Election Commission is indifferent to the reasoning behind the eight-point vote. Discussions and criticisms are the essence of this. Infection, death and economic damage are going to be immense.

Three days ago, Rahul Gandhi demanded adequate vaccine supply to the states and a halt to exports. On Monday, he made a fresh demand and attacked Modi. In a tweet, Rahul wrote, “Even in 365 days, the fight against Corona could not be won. There has been a lot of festivities, applause, plate playing. Now vaccinate everyone. ‘Modi in a video message with a tweet