May 19, 2021


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Ahmed Shafi’s death: What Babungari said about the PBI investigation report

The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has issued an investigation report into the death of Amir Allama Shafi, the founder of Hefazat-e-Islam.

On Monday, the PBI filed an investigation report with the Chittagong Judicial Third Judge’s Court accusing 43 people, including the current emir of custody Allama Junaid Babungari and joint secretary general Nasir Uddin Munir.

The current Ameer of Hefazat and the education director of Hathazari Madrasa, who are accused in the PBI’s investigation report, have spoken to reporters for the first time.

On Tuesday (April 13) at noon, Allama Babungari told reporters at his office at Hathazari Madrasa that his death was normal, according to a report from Azgar Ali Hospital. The government agency in charge of the investigation, the PBI, has reported the death of the lord; That is a blatant lie. However, we will deal with the matter legally.

Allama Ahmad Shafi, former director general of Hathazari Madrasa, died on September 18 last year while undergoing treatment at Azgar Ali Hospital in Dhaka. On the day before his death, he resigned as the director general in the face of the movement of students of the madrasa.

Later on December 16, Ahmed Shafi’s brother-in-law Moin Uddin filed a case in the Chittagong court. 36 people were accused in the case. The court took cognizance of the case and ordered the PBI to investigate and submit a report within a month.

According to court sources, 31 out of 43 people have registered. They are- Maulana Nasir Uddin Munir, Maulana Mir Idris, Habib Ullah Azadi, Ahsan Ullah, Azizul Haque Islamabadi, Zakaria Noman Fayezi, Abdul Matin, Md. Shahidullah, Rizwan Arman, Hasanuzzaman, Md. Enamul Hasan Farooqi, Mir Sajed, Zafar Ahmed, Mir Ziauddin, Maulana Ahmed, Maulana Mahmud, Asadullah, Zubair Mahmud, Hafez Junaid Ahmed, Anwar Shah, Chadek Jamil Kamal, Kamrul Islam Qasemi, Md. Hasan, Obaidullah Obaid, Zubair, Maulana Mohammad, Aminul Haque, Sohail Chowdhury, Mobinul Haque, Naimul Islam Khan and Hafeez Sayem Ullah.

Meanwhile, the 12 new names added to the PBI investigation are Junaid Babungari, Maulana Shafiul Alam, Shibbir Ahmed, Abu Saeed, Hossain Ahmed, Tauhid, Erfan, Mamun, Aminul, Masudur Rahman, Jahangir Alam and Nur Mohammad.

Meanwhile, in a statement sent to the media on Tuesday, Babungari said that the PBI’s report on the death of Allama Shafi was completely false. Deprived of reality. We think this report is the teaching of a marked cycle. On the basis of this false report, I demand the withdrawal of those against whom false cases have been filed.