May 16, 2021


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People have left the city, increasing the risk of infection

People have left the city ahead of Ramadan, Bengali New Year and lockdown. Corona is running on the way to the village ignoring the lockdown announced by the government to prevent the infection. It is locked down, the bus stop, the station and the river are crowded on two occasions. This may increase the risk of corona infection in the upazilas, experts said. Moreover, there is a rush to take goods from Chaktai Khatunganj area to the south. Goods are transported by road and waterways.

There was extra pressure to leave the city on Tuesday at the bus stops. The inter-district buses were overcrowded. There were no health problems in these places.

It can be seen on the bus steps of the city on the spot, people returning home are like a festival. There was no sign of fear of corona infection in anyone. The joy of returning home in Ramadan is happy to celebrate New Year with someone or family. The departure of the bus from the hill district caused severe traffic jam at the Oxygen intersection. It shows a large number of people returning home. Not getting tickets at the bus counter, some people have reserved CNG taxis. At the head of Kaptai Road, a huge crowd of people could be seen returning home. Disregarding the hygiene rules, he left for Kaptai with 5 to 6 passengers in CNG. On the other hand, the same picture can be seen in the Shah Amanat Bridge area.




The trawlers have been kept at the new fishery due to the switch gate in Chaktai area. The goods are being transported from Khatunganj by wheelbarrows, vans and mini trucks and loaded into trawlers. These products are being taken to the south. Traders of different upazilas are stockpiling goods on the occasion of Ramadan. Emergency transport is supposed to be operational in the lockdown, but traders are not willing to accept it. Not only goods, but also people are transporting these trawlers.
Experts say, ‘The risk of corona infection is increasing due to the rush from city to village, from village to town. Moreover, in all the upazilas where the corona detection rate is low, the infection may increase. They said that it is not only their own but also their family’s danger.
Rahimul Alam, who came from Khatunganj to collect Dohazari products, told Supravhat, “If there is a lockdown, the products cannot be taken.” So I am taking goods on the occasion of Ramadan. Even if the lockdown is increased, there will be no worries. ‘

On the way to Khagrachhari, Mrinmayee Marma said, “I am going home on the occasion of New Year following the rules of health. I work in Chittagong all year round. Even at this time of year, I have to go home. ‘
On his way to Lohagara, Ashraful Islam said in the Shah Amanat Bridge area, “I want to start Ramadan with my wife and children. It will not be possible to go home in lockdown, so I am leaving today. I don’t have corona, my family has no chance to be corona. ‘

Aren’t you going home with Corona? To such a question, Neymat Ullah said, ‘Allah is the owner of Hayat Mut. In that case, I will not see the face of the family in life. ‘