May 16, 2021


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If he survives, I will take care of everything again: PM

The corona infection situation in the country is deteriorating again. The government has announced a strict lockdown from Wednesday to deal with the push. In such a situation, many are worried about their livelihood.

In this situation, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given confidence to the people of the country. “We all have to remember – human life comes first,” he said. If I survive, I will be able to take care of everything again.

He said this while addressing the nation on the occasion of Bengali New Year on Wednesday evening.

At the beginning of her speech, the Prime Minister wished the people a Happy Bengali New Year. He said that Pahela Boishakh inspires us to build a liberal way of life by avoiding all narrowness and cowardice. It removes all the clutter and decay in our minds and inspires us to live in new ventures. We Bengalis, a proud nation in the heart of the world, this sense of nationalism and Bangaliana are revived in us on the occasion of the first Baishakh.

“Like last year, we can’t do anything outside this year,” he said. Because the second wave of coronavirus has hit the whole country again. The second wave of coronaviruses has become even more deadly. So we will enjoy the joy of Pohela Boishakh sitting at home like last year. The program will be broadcast through various digital channels including television channels. In addition to enjoying all those events, we can also enjoy ourselves in a home environment with family members.

“We have had to deal with a number of adverse conditions since the coronavirus hit last year,” she said. Since human trafficking is one of the ways to prevent this epidemic, we have to take some steps for that. As a result, people’s lives have been affected. We have to impose some restrictions on the movement of people when the second wave took a strong shape last week. You see, there is no way to stop the infection. So we have to take some more drastic measures on the advice of public health experts. I know this will make life difficult for many. But we all have to remember – human life comes first. If I survive, I will be able to take care of everything again.

The Prime Minister said, “Last year, we enforced the general holiday for 72 consecutive days.” We have not been able to open the educational institutions yet. Movement with foreign countries was not normal. This situation is not only in our country, wherever the prevalence of this deadly virus is increasing in the world, such measures have to be taken. In addition to saving human lives, we are keeping a close eye on our economy, so that people’s livelihoods are not completely disrupted. With everyone’s cooperation, we undertook several activities. As a result we have been able to successfully deal with the effects of the coronavirus epidemic last year.

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “You have no reason to be afraid. The government is always by your side. After the second wave hit, I instructed to take action to help the poor and low-income people.