May 19, 2021


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Reluctance to repair roads cut in North City

At first there was Dakshinkhan Union. Later, the area was added to 16 new wards of Dhaka North City Corporation. Although newly added to the ward, the touch of development has not reached there. While the new ward councilors have touched development on some roads, most have remained out of development.

Many road carpets have gone up. Holes have appeared on many roads again. And WASA has cut all these roads for development work this time. No one is repairing the road even though it has been a long time since the development work was done by cutting a few hundred meters long road to draw a water line under the ground. Many of the roads have been cut in half and left with some soil. As a result of not carpeting or pouring of concrete, the vehicle is not able to move through the cut part. Even some of the narrow roads are not conducive to walking due to such random dumping of soil. Again in some places the soil has been piled up.


It can be seen on the ground that such soil is lying in the cut part of most of the roads of East Gawair, Prem Bagan, Amtala, Mollabari Mazar Road, Ainushbagh under Dhaka North City Corporation. A few months after the completion of the work, the cut road is not being repaired. Somewhere digging the road and piles of soil have been placed on the road. Visiting the Ainushbagh area, it is seen that pieces of concrete are still lying on most parts of the road after the narrow road was cut. The roads in the area are not accessible as the soil is not poured. Saiful Islam, a resident of the area, said WASA had cut off roads in the area. Development can work. But the roads have to be fixed. But no one is paying attention to that. This is because of the lack of coordination among service providers.


Zakir Hossain, another resident of the same area, expressed his displeasure and said that the condition of the roads in the area is very bad. There is no point in leaving soil on the road after digging there. Does the contractor have any more responsibilities after cutting the road?

It is learned that Milon Hossain is working as a contractor for setting up WASA water line in this area. Although this work is going on under his supervision, such chaotic condition is prevailing on most of the roads. Asked about the dilapidated condition of the road and whether permission has been sought from the city corporation to cut the road, he said the road has been cut in accordance with all the rules. And there are all kinds of permissions. Motakabbir Ahmed, executive officer of North City Corporation Region (7), said, “They have been warned several times. They have crossed many roads without permission. We will definitely take action against those who are doing this. “