May 19, 2021


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Today is the first Baishakh without any festival


Come on, come on, come on, O Boishakh.

Old memories, let’s forget – the song / Teardrop Milak far away. ’This is how the world poet Rabindranath Tagore invoked the Bengali New Year. But like last year, a different Boishakh has come in the life of Bengalis. This Boishakh is festival-free.

The music of death is playing around, many favorite faces are getting lost. The Corona epidemic has ravaged the lives of Bengalis like the rest of the world. However, today, once again, the Bengalis will take the determination to move forward anew, leaving behind the old age.

Today is the first Baishakh. Today is the first day of the new year in the life of Bengalis. Bengal started in 1428 with today’s sunrise. However, today’s Baishakh is the same as last year’s Baishakh of Bengali life. Our lives are blocked again during this global catastrophe due to the Corona epidemic. Bengalis are being forced to celebrate the first Baishakh at home again. Even today, lives will be found not on the streets or in the open field, but in one’s own home or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger.

Today, the first Baishakh festival will be held in every house of Bengal, in their own way. On this occasion, the President said. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave the message. In his message, the President said that the appeal of Bengali New Year in the life of Bengalis is eternal and universal. He said, the first Baishakh is a day of joy and reunion of Bengalis. On this auspicious occasion, the President wished a happy Bengali New Year to all Bangladeshis living in the country and abroad.

He said that the advent song of Boishakh was played in the life of Bengalis with a new message. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has extended heartfelt greetings to the people on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh, the festival of Bengali life.

In her message, the Prime Minister conveyed her heartfelt greetings to the people of the country and said, “Pohela Boishakh is a day of harmony for Bengalis, a day of great reunion of Bengalis.” On this day, the whole nation woke up with new promises. Forgetting the sorrows, filth and failures of the whole year, I urge everyone to wake up today with new joy. ‘

The current world is in turmoil with corona infection. That is why the Prime Minister urged us to celebrate the Bengali New Year digitally at home this year as well as last year by avoiding public gatherings.

A new path will begin after paying the price of joy-pain, laughter-cry of 1427. Regardless of race, religion, caste or creed, Bengalis will sing ‘Eso Hey Boishakh Eso Eso’ in a public festival.

Pahela Boishakh will rock everywhere today, but in a different way. Due to the global disaster, due to the government’s directive to maintain social distance in accordance with the rules of health, there is no formality of physical presence in this Baishakh. Due to the fact that ‘Kovid-19’ has destabilized the whole world, there will be no New Year of Chayanat at the base of Ramna in physical presence, there will be no Mars procession in fine arts.

The colorful courtyards of the festival including Ramna’s Botmul, TSC, Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University, Shilpakala Academy, Hatirjheel, Bangla Academy will be covered under the Health Code.

And Udichi, Khelaghor, Group Theater Federation, Chayanat and other social and cultural institutions and organizations are also refraining from celebrating like last time. Public and private television and radio channels are broadcasting special programs on this occasion. Newspapers have published supplements and special articles. On the first day of the Bengali New Year, all prisons, hospitals and children’s families (orphanages) will be provided with high quality traditional Bengali food.

Chayanat: Chayanat will be celebrating Baishakh in a short range on their YouTube channel. According to the Public Relations Department of Chayanat, initially our decision was to record the first Baishakh dawn ceremony in advance without spectators or if the situation became more unfavorable. The conference team was also conducting regular rehearsals for that purpose.

But the gradual deterioration of the Corona situation and the government’s prudent practical decisions deepen the risk of health risks to artists in our minds. Many of our artists and workers are also affected by corona. They will celebrate Digital Boishakh helplessly thinking about the safety of the countrymen and artists. The recorded one-hour program will be aired on Bangladesh Television on Poyala Boishakh at 8 am. The show will also be available on Chhayanaut’s YouTube channel ( ChhayanautDigitalPlatform).

Faculty of Fine Arts: The Faculty of Fine Arts has now moved away from the decision of the Mars procession. However, they will display various symbols and motifs in the courtyard of the faculty for publicity in the media.

Liberation War Museum: Meanwhile, a live ‘New Year Baran 1426’ program has been organized online on the Facebook page of the Liberation War Museum at 11 am on Boishakh. Asaduzzaman Nur, one of the trustees of the Liberation War Museum will give a welcome speech on the occasion. Writer, journalist Abul Momen will be the speaker.

Bulbul Islam, Aditi Mohsin, Sharmin Sathi Islam Moyna and Biman Chandra Biswas will perform music in this virtual event. Dance will be performed by Spondon, recitation will be performed by Iqbal Khorshed Zafar and Ananya Laboni Putul, Baul song will be performed by Baul Delwar and Sonia. The event can be enjoyed on the Facebook page of the Liberation War Museum liberationwarmuseum.official

Bangladesh Sangeet Sangathan Samonvay Parishad: Bangladesh Sangeet Sangathan Samonvay Parishad has organized a virtual program to welcome the year 1428 BS. Artists Rafiqul Alam, Sujit Mostafa, Biswajit Roy, Anupama Mukti will take part in this online event on the Facebook page of the organization.