May 19, 2021


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Bogra is an open market to prevent corona infection

It has been decided to open some of the major retail markets in Bogra during the lockdown to prevent coronavirus infection. In a meeting with market committee and business association leaders, the district administration decided to relocate several markets in the city. According to the decision, from April 14 today, in accordance with the hygiene rules in Fateh Ali Bazar, Rajabazar, Chashibazar, Railway Bazar, Bogra city Circuit House turn road on both sides of the District School and Shaheed Khokon Park and in front of the Circuit House on both sides of Nawabbari Road The shop is sitting.

On the other hand, Kalitala Bazar of the city is sitting on the ground of Katnarpara Coronation Institution School and College, a little distance from today. Namazgarh Bazar is located on both sides of Namazgarh-Santahar road. It has been decided to move the Khandar Bazaar from the designated area of ​​the city to a vacant lot in front of the stadium and Wonderland Park. On the other hand, it has been decided to set up a green car market in the adjacent mango orchard. And it has been decided to set up Matidali Bazaar at Matidali High School ground. On the other hand, it has been decided to shift the city’s Phulbari Bazar from the side of Satmatha-Matidali road and place it on the campus of Government Azizul Haque College (old building).

Parimal Prasad Raj, general secretary of the Rajabazar Arhatdar Business Owners’ Association, said the market has been relocated from today as per the decision of the district administration. The activities of these markets will continue from 9 am to 3 pm in compliance with the health rules.

Meanwhile, a mobile court fined Rezaul Karim, the organizing secretary of the District Volunteer League, Tk 10,000 for miking in protest against the removal of Coronation Institution grounds from Kalitala Hat and Bazar. He will have to serve three days imprisonment for non-payment. The mobile court was conducted in Kalitala Hat area of ​​Bogra city on Tuesday night. It was led by Executive Magistrate Nasim Reza. Rezaul Karim is the lessee of Kalitala Hat and Bazar.

With terracotta hoes, discs, thick paper, yarn, earthen wheels, bamboo sticks, animal skins তাঁরা they have created colorful games like tomtom, tortoise, ghinni, violin, etc. He also made wooden cars and various plastic toys.

Chaitra, Boishakh and Jyastha তাঁদের these are their preparations ahead of the three-month fair season. Many people have invested their capital without borrowing. He hoped to sell toys across the country, make up for last year’s lockdown, and earn an average of Rs 1 lakh per factory owner at the end of the season. But that hope is in the sand.

It is said of Kholash village in Dupchanchia upazila of Bogra, where two and a half hundred factories are in dire straits with huge stocks of toys worth around Tk 2 crore. The women and artisans of the house have been making these toys in the festive mood day and night for months, which is now just a disappointment in the open toy village. Just as traders are afraid of losing their lost capital, so are artisans afraid of losing their jobs.

The tradition of making toys in Kholash village is about 70 years old. It started in the sixties. Three day laborers from poverty-stricken Kholash village, Quranu Mollah, Abul Hossain and Sultan Fakir, went to Syedpur in Nilphamari in search of work. There they took up work in the toy factory of non-Bengali Biharis and quickly all returned to the village as skilled craftsmen. They started making different kinds of toys themselves. Their toys find a market all over the country and attract the attention of children at rural fairs, festivals and dates. As the demand for toys increased, other people in the poverty-stricken village also became involved in making toys.

For 60 years, except Ashar, Shravan and Bhadra ছাড়া except these three months, the remaining 9 months of the year are spent in the village of Kholash making toys day and night. Large factories run on electric motors. In the backyard of the house, the craftsmen make all kinds of toys including skull-wood, bamboo and colorful paper, tomtom car or tortoise, wooden car, wheel, wooden bird, violin, sarinda, ghinni. And inside the house, women and teenagers are busy painting those toys and drawing alpana on paper.

However, the season full of sales is Chaitra, Boishakh and Jyastha months. Because, during these three months, hundreds of fairs and festivals are held all over the country. Such as Ramna’s Baishakhi Mela in Dhaka, Azimpur’s Mela and Dohar’s Nurulapur Mela; Jabbar Fair at Laldighi in Chittagong; Sanal Fakir’s Fair; Kushtia Lalon Mela; Honeymoon in Jessore; Ruhia Mela in Thakurgaon; Charkai Mela, Ambari Mela and Gopalpur Chowdhury Mela in Dinajpur; Gopinathpur Fair in Joypurhat; Poradaha, Kellapashi and Gangnagar fairs of Bogra are notable. At the same time, open toys go to fairs and markets in Sylhet, Comilla, Mymensingh and other parts of the country.

The traders-artisans said that just as wholesalers from all over the country come and buy their toys, they also sell them at fairs. But the toy business has been in turmoil since March last year due to Corona. After months of sitting on their hands and knees, when they were trying to turn around on the occasion of the new season, Corona got into trouble again. The open toy industry is under threat.