May 19, 2021


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Unlimited allegations against the Deputy Secretary

Deputy Secretary for indecent, rude and arrogant behavior. The Ministry of Public Administration is going to take strict administrative action against Lokman Ahmed. This officer of 24 batch of administration cadre has already been OSD.

Most recently, he was working in the Parliament Secretariat. The allegation against the officer is that he has so far misbehaved with his superiors in every workplace.

Neighboring officers of government quarters and their family members have behaved in a way that is not officer-friendly. The victims lodged six GDs against him at Motijheel, Shahbagh and Ramna police stations for fear of safety of life and property. There is also an additional secretary among the GDs.

According to the source, on March 12, Dr. lodged a written complaint against Lokman Ahmed with the senior secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration. Shekhar Kumar Mandal. He is working as a Junior Consultant Cardiology in Kuwait-Bangladesh Friendship Government Hospital. He is an Altie of 18/12, Bailey Officers Quarters. Lokman Ahmed lives in his adjoining house No. 16/11.

Dr. In a two-page written complaint, Shekhar Mandal made a number of allegations against Lokman Ahmed. His letter mentions 4 GDs. Two of which he did alone at Ramna Model Police Station. One was done on 7th March (GD No. 407) and the other was done on 4th February 2017 (GD No. 524). The other two GDs were made by a few more.

Besides, the last two other senior officers lodged a GD against him at Shahbagh police station on April 12. Lokman Ahmed spoke to them on his mobile phone and falsely identified himself as the secretary of an important ministry.

After that, when the officers on the other end of the mobile phone challenged him, Lokman Ahmed verbally abused and threatened them. Apart from this, while he was working in the Ministry of Agriculture, a senior official of the Department of Agricultural Extension got down from the driver’s car and detained him for 5 days. There are several such cases of disappearance with a car.

He has given birth to incidents such as trying to hit a neighbor with a cricket bat and even hitting a rickshaw puller with a stick. It is learned that after Deputy Secretary Lokman Ahmed was verbally informed about all such behaviors, he was warned by many senior officials including his batchmate. But he did not flinch.

On the contrary, they have been insulted. That is why they are angry with him now. Asked what kind of action is being taken against the accused officer, a responsible official of the Ministry of Public Administration told Jugantar that everything will be in accordance with the law and rules. However, the facts of the allegations against him so far suggest that he has lost his job.